How to Win More Ranked Games in League of Legends
How to Win More Ranked Games in League of Legends
By Charlene on Oct 21st, 2023, 04:48
How to Win More Ranked Games in League of Legends

Introduction to Ranked Games in LoL

League of Legends stands out for its strategic depth and intricate gameplay mechanics. For many players, playing ranked games is the ultimate test of skill and strategy. Whether one's goal is to achieve the prestigious Challenger rank or to progress from the Iron tier, success in solo queue often hinges on knowledge and precision. In this guide, informed by extensive gameplay and research, we'll delve into key tactics that can enhance one's performance and position in the ranked system. Let's review the expert tips and tricks to improve your win rate in ranked games and gain the LP you deserve.

Understanding the League of Legends Ranked Ladder

Winning ranked games in LoL is like climbing a mountain, with each elo representing a new challenge. From Iron, Bronze, Silver, and so forth up to the high elo of Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger, each division tests players uniquely. Understanding the nuances of each tier, such as common playstyles and prevalent champions, can give you a strategic edge. But beyond the shiny badges and bragging rights, ranked games are an opportunity for growth. Each game is a lesson; each tier is a milestone.

Mindset Preparation Before Playing the Game

Before playing a game, always get ready. Think of it like a player tying their shoes before a match. First, ensure you're in a good headspace: stay calm, sharp, and flexible. Learn not to get negatively influenced by the behaviours of other League players. Also, know the latest game updates. Being aware of which champions are doing well right now helps. Take some time to check out champion rankings or see what the top players are doing. It isn't just homework; it's your playbook.

Champion Mastery

Truly mastering a champion means understanding their abilities, strengths, weaknesses, power spikes, and optimal playstyles.

Understanding Abilities: Each champion in League of Legends has a unique set of abilities. Familiarize yourself with their cooldowns, mana costs, and interactions.

Match-up Knowledge: Be aware of which champions your selected champion excels against and struggles with. This knowledge can guide lane phase decisions and trades.

Combo Execution: Most champions have ability combos. Practice these in a controlled environment, like the practice tool, before attempting them in ranked play.

Map Awareness

It is crucial for every laner to stay constantly aware of the map and the positioning of both allies and enemies.

Frequent Glances: Make a habit of glancing at the mini-map every few seconds. This helps in detecting enemy gank or noticing opportunities.

Predicting Enemy Movement: Based on the last known positions of the enemy team, try to predict their next moves. This is especially important for junglers.

Objective Control

Securing objectives can provide game-changing advantages.

Prioritization: Understand the importance of each objective. For instance, an early infernal drake might be more beneficial than a tier 1 turret.

Setup & Securing: Before attempting major objectives like Baron or Dragon, ensure the area is warded and potential threats are handled.

Wave Management

Controlling minion waves can dictate the pace of the lane.

Freezing: Holding the wave close to your turret can make it difficult for your opponent to farm and expose them to ganks.

Slow Pushing: Building up a massive wave can help you secure turrets or set up dives.


Vision wins games. Knowing when and where to ward in League of Legends is essential.

Defensive Warding: When behind or when lanes are vulnerable, ward your jungle entrances and critical chokepoints.

Aggressive Warding: When your team is ahead, place wards in the enemy jungle to track their movements and set up plays.


Leaving your lane to make plays elsewhere can tilt the balance in your team's favour. This is especially critical for mid lane and support. For more on this topic, why not read our ultimate roaming guide

Ideal Roaming Timings: Roam when you've pushed your lane or your opponent has backed.

Effective Paths: Use paths that avoid common ward spots or utilize control wards and sweepers to ensure your movements are unseen.

In-Game Tactics in Different Game Stages

Laning Phase/Early Game:

The initial phase of a match, where players face off in their respective lanes, is crucial. Efficiently farming minions to keep high cs is your primary source of gold, but there's more to consider.

Recognize opportunities to engage the enemy. When they go for a minion last-hit, can you land a quick ability or auto-attack?

Vision isn't just your support's job. Whether you're top, mid, or bot, having the vision of river paths and the enemy jungler can preemptively alert you of enemy ganks.

Freezing, slow pushing, or fast pushing a wave can dictate the flow of your lane, forcing your opponent to overextend or miss valuable farm.

Mid Game:

This phase typically sees the first turrets fall, opening up the map. Objectives become paramount.

Secure dragons for buffs and the potential Dragon Soul. The Rift Herald can help bulldoze turrets, further expanding map control.

If you've won your lane or pushed out your wave, roam to another lane to create pressure and possibly secure more kills.

Buy Control Wards and sweep for enemy vision using Oracle Lens. Denying the enemy's vision while securing the ally vision around key objectives can set up advantageous fights.

Late Game:

Matches can be won or lost in a heartbeat during this phase:

Baron and Elder Dragon are your primary objectives. Securing Baron can help in sieging, while Elder Dragon provides a powerful combat buff. In this case, the top lane needs to make smart decisions about when to split-push, teleport, or be there for the team.

Positioning is Especially crucial for carries. Being caught out of position can lead to a swift defeat.

Team Synergizes when you stick together, focus on primary targets in fights, and ensure you fight on favourable terms.

Communicate with Your Team

In a game as team-oriented as League of Legends, effective communication and seamless teamwork can often be the difference between victory and defeat.

Effective Pinging: Utilize the ping system to its fullest. Alert teammates of enemy movements, potential threats, or opportunities. A well-timed "MIA" or "On My Way" ping can set up plays or prevent disasters.

Constructive Chat Use: Avoid using the chat for complaints or blame. Instead, use it to discuss strategy, call for objectives, or give concise feedback. A simple "gj" (good job) can boost team morale.

Voice Communication: If you're playing with friends or a pre-made team, voice communication tools like Discord can greatly enhance coordination. Speaking in real-time allows for quicker decision-making and more nuanced strategies.

Understanding Team Dynamics: Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your team's champion composition. Some teams might excel in early-game aggression, while others shine in late-game team fights. Adapt your gameplay to suit your team's strengths.

Respecting Calls: Even if you don't fully agree with a call, it's often better for the team to follow a unified plan rather than split up. If someone calls for a Baron play, and the majority agrees, support the decision for a coordinated approach.

Continuous Feedback Loop: After significant plays or post-game, discuss what went well and what didn't. This debriefing can help understand mistakes, capitalize on strengths, and foster better teamwork in subsequent matches.

Even games that seem lost can be turned around with excellent communication and teamwork. Always remember: League of Legends is as much a mental and strategic game as it is about individual skill.

Continuous Improvement with League of Legends Coaching

Victory in League of Legends is a testament to one's skill and, more importantly, one's ability to evolve. Here's how you can ensure continuous growth:

Seek Coaching: Playing hundreds of games without mindful reflection can inadvertently reinforce your mistakes and cement bad habits. However, professional LoL coaching services bring a fresh perspective to your gameplay. The coaches can spot patterns of mistakes you might overlook, suggest optimal strategies, and even help with the mental facets of the game. They're like personal trainers but for LoL. Understanding the game from their viewpoint allows you to apply advanced tactics and strategies to your gameplay.

VOD Reviews: These are video replays of your League games. Rewatching your matches is one of the easiest ways to identify mistakes, missed opportunities, or brilliant plays. Ask questions like, "Why did I die there?" or "Could I have taken an objective instead of recalling?"

Live Coaching: Imagine having a seasoned player guiding you during a match in real-time. They can offer insights, point out missteps, or validate good decisions, all while the game progresses. Live coaching can be an intense learning experience that offers real-time feedback.

Stay Updated: The meta changes with every League patch. Champions get nerfed, items are reworked, and new gameplay mechanics might be introduced. Stay updated with patch notes, and don't hesitate to adapt your gameplay accordingly.


Dominating ranked games in LoL is no small feat. Becoming a better player demands dedication, adaptability, and continuous learning. But with the tactics shared in this guide, the path to victory becomes clearer. Embrace the journey, summoner, and may your climb be ever upward.

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