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Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics
Rank: Challenger
  • Challenger on EUW
  • Almost always available, can teach anybody if you're willing to learn ^-^
  • I will always be friendly, kind & patient with you!
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Another coaching session, and even more knowledge has been passed. This coach is very aware of each meta, and knows how to guide you through each stage of the game. Would still highly recommend
Helped me out with my questions and with my game. Learnt alot from just one session and he was very nice and understanding.
Do you want to get better at Teamfight Tactics?
Do you want to get better at Teamfight Tactics?
WeCoach is the perfect place for you to improve your skills. Our team of experienced TFT coaches will help you learn new strategies and techniques, so you can dominate your opponents in no time. With our one-on-one coaching, you’ll get personalized attention and feedback that will help you take your game to the next level. You’ll be able to see exactly where you need improvement and how to fix it. And our coaches are some of the best players in the world, so you know you’re learning from the best.
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The Rise of Auto-chess
The Rise of Auto-chess
Teamfight Tactics is Riot Games’ take on the rising auto battler genre. The game teleports the champions of Runeterra in a different realm where a small creature called little legend dictates all of their moves - sounds crazy, right? It centers around eight players who construct teams to fight one another and be the last player standing. The battlefield consists of hexagons where players strategically place their champions which usually requires a lot of thinking and time management as you have a limited amount of time before the next round starts. Fortunately for you, our TFT experts at WeCoach will provide you with all the necessary tools to achieve the success you are looking for. They’ve spent countless hours developing new strategies and are always more than ready to share all of their knowledge with you. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favourite little legend and join our family where the potential for improvement is limitless!
What’s meta and the best way to climb
What’s meta and the best way to climb
TFT as a game requires you to understand what each class and trait do and what are the best combinations between them. Naturally for the games of that genre, some combinations will be stronger than the rest (meta) and having a good understanding of it is key. However, each individual game requires you to adapt to the situation as the champions you can choose from are not always certain - sometimes you will have to adjust your team based on what the shop provides you with. Mastering those aspects and more is one click away - get your personal coach right now and get ready to begin your climb.
Items and bank management
Items and bank management
Itemization is one of the most important aspects of the game - most champions work well with only a handful of items and knowing which ones to put on them makes the difference between winning and losing the game. In the sessions with your coach, you will go together through all combinations of items and on what champion you should be looking to put them on. Furthermore, they will provide you with key information on how to think ahead and what you should be looking forward to during the shared draft. Everything you learn will be structured in an easy to understand way and you will quickly realise how much you’ve improved in no time!
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