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I am Andreas aged 33, currently a PhD candidate and teaching university students the subject of Geology.

I am playing TFT since launch date. Having experience in both League of Legends and TFT playing in every season/set and achieving always a higher ranking than diamond on multiple accounts. My accomplishments in each TFT set specifically are the following(peaks):

-Set 1- Diamond 1

-Set 2 - Grandmaster,

-Set 3-Challenger Rank 9. While in Set 3 i managed to get 2 accounts on Challenger.

-Set 3.5 Grandmaster 600lp and 1 account on Master

-Set 4 1 account Grandmaster 1 account Challenger peaked at 1000lp

-Set 4.5 Challenger

-Set 5 Grandmaster

-Set 5.5 Challenger

-Set 6 Challenger

-Set 6.5 Grandmaster/skipped the set

-Set 7 Challenger around 800lp

-Set 7.5 Challenger

-Set 8 Challenger

-Set 8.5 Challenger

-Set 10 Challenger

-Set 11  Challenger

-Rank 1 Double up with Coach Rikuna.

Currently my TFT Accounts are Aatrox Methana on Grandmaster 550LP and Liakopoulos on Challenger

Having already teaching experience with students and also multiple hours on helping individuals achieve their desired rank I hope I will be a great deal of help for you as well to achieve your goals! Don't hesitate to pm me even if I am offline!! and the most important thing don't be afraid to ask any questions especially the obvious ones!!

- With more than 5000 hours of coaching experience I hope we will achieve your goals together and solve any problems or obstacles found in our way!!!

- While my main game of coaching is TFT and having already hundreds of satisfied customers with my coaching abilities and results I hope I can provide the same level of service in League of Legends as well!

How a session with me will look like.

Will include in depth analysis of each decision taken along with all the available paths in a step by step manner. Strategizing depending on items and early champ pools focusing the most strong combinations .All will be done in a share screen manner playing ranked games or normal (students choice). Also offering an analysis on a pre recorded footage explaining what went wrong and which paths the student should have chosen in order to get the desired result.

Coaching depending on the number of sessions we have done together will vary

1) First lesson is me teaching theory and applying that in action on a game on your account piloting your every move , while giving u alot of information and a guide to follow and analyzing everything you need to know.

2) Second lesson , I always want a replay from you after the first lesson is complete so i know how you applied the things you learned in a game and in order for me to spot your weaknesses and the points you need improvement. This will greatly help you to find all your mistakes and correct them when playing on your own!!

3) Third lesson we will do games where you will play and share your ideas with me while i will correct you in the end of every round or i will explain my arguments if there are any on how some decisions could be done better

4) Fourth lesson and beyond a combination of the above plus games that you will do with no help while ill be watching and taking notes in order to analize your whole decision making and planing during the game. Thats a more harsh but effective way of coaching which will greatly improve your gameplay and make you perform under stress. Thats why this coaching method is endorsed after some sessions so i can see how you progress after alot of theory is covered.

Finally when your level is on Diamond/Masters or even more we will analyze more Micro-Mechanics such as positioning every round last second changes and crisis management all topics that separate Diamond from Challenger!!!

All will be done in a fun and cheerfully environment, and don't worry to make mistakes I want you to do them so I can help you correct them!!!

Coaching Achievements.

More than 40 Students Coached to Master

20 Students Coached to Grandmaster

5 Students Coached to Challenger

1 Student qualified on TL top 4

1 Student qualified on final qualifiers LAN/LAS

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