How to Stop Tilting in League of Legends - A Challenger Guide
How to Stop Tilting in League of Legends - A Challenger Guide
By Charlene on Aug 23rd, 2023, 10:46
How to Stop Tilting in League of Legends - A Challenger Guide


We've all been there. You start a ranked game with positivity, only to become agitated with every mistake. 

This emotional descent, often called "tilting," isn't just a quirky term reserved for League's top coaches and players. It's a psychological state that can affect everyone. 

What Is Tilting in League of Legends?

The definition of "tilt" in League of Legends is when players become emotionally agitated by the game, subsequently impacting their decisions. "Tilt" could come from losing lane, a failed gank, a loss streak, or missing a skill shot, anything, really.

At its core, tilting is linked to our brain's evolutionary fight-or-flight response. Unexpected adverse events can trigger a rush of emotions that cloud judgment.

But how about the triggers? Anyone who's ventured into League knows that the triggers for tilting are aplenty. Missing a crucial skill shot could be the spark. However, it's often player interactions, be it a sarcastic "missing ping" or a heated exchange in the chat, that amplify these feelings. 

How to Stop Tilting in LoL? 10 Great Techniques

While understanding the psychology behind tilting is foundational, equipping oneself with actual strategies to counteract this emotion is crucial. 

Over the years, players from all ranks, even those at the pinnacle of Challenger, have developed and shared multiple mechanisms to combat tilting. Let's dive into some of these popular, tried-and-tested techniques.

1. Mute Disruptive Players:

Sometimes, players can be toxic, and their comments can influence your gameplay. If you are affected by what others are saying, use the /mute all command. Doing so allows you to focus on the game and avoid unnecessary distractions.

2. Focus on Self-Improvement, Not Just Winning:

While everyone wants to win, it's crucial to remember that every game is an opportunity to learn. Instead of fixating on the outcome of the match, focus on your performance and what you can improve on individually. This mindset shift can reduce the emotional impact of a loss.

3. Set Realistic Expectations:

Remember that everyone, including professional Esports players, has their off days. It's okay to lose or not perform at your peak in every game. Setting realistic expectations can prevent frustration and disappointment when things are unplanned.

4. Play with Friends:

Teaming up with friends or familiar players can create a more enjoyable and supportive environment. You're more likely to communicate effectively, which can reduce the chances of tilting. Even if the game doesn't go well, sharing the experience with friends can make it more fun.

5. Seek Coaching or Mentorship:

Even the best players can benefit from external guidance. WeCoach offers League of Legends coaching that can provide insights into your gameplay, offer strategies to handle tilt, and constructively provide feedback. By understanding your weak points and getting actionable advice on improvement, you can enter each game with a more evident mindset.

6. Implement Post-Game Reflection:

After each game, spend a few minutes reviewing critical moments or decisions through a VOD review. This reflection period allows you to understand what went right or wrong, helping in detaching emotions from gameplay. Discussing these moments with your coach can further enhance your learning.

7. Practice Mindfulness and Breathing Exercises:

Mindfulness practices, like deep breathing or meditation, can help ground you during stressful in-game situations. Before reacting impulsively, take a deep breath and center yourself. Over time, these techniques can significantly reduce the impact of in-game triggers.

8. Establish a Pre-Game Ritual:

A consistent routine before starting your ranked sessions can set a positive tone. Whether listening to your favorite music, doing a quick warm-up game, or discussing strategies with your coach, a ritual can help you enter the game with a relaxed and focused mindset.

9. Set Specific, Achievable Goals:

Instead of vague objectives like "I want to win," set more specific and attainable goals, such as "I want to improve my CS by 10%" or "I want to roam more this game." Discussing these goals with your coach can provide a more straightforward path for your improvement journey. Achieving these smaller milestones can boost your confidence and motivate you, reducing the chances of tilting from setbacks.

10. Take Regular Breaks:

Step away from the computer if you've had a particularly tough League game or a losing streak. A short break can help clear your mind, reduce built-up stress, and reset your focus. Even something as simple as stretching, grabbing a drink, or walking outside can make a difference.

Engage with Us!

Have you ever experienced tilting in LoL? What techniques or strategies have you used to overcome it? Please share your stories by contacting us.  

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