Up Your Game: Understanding League of Legends VOD Reviews
Up Your Game: Understanding League of Legends VOD Reviews
By Charlene on Sep 28th, 2023, 02:51
Up Your Game: Understanding League of Legends VOD Reviews

In League, continuous learning and adaptation are the keys to climbing the ranks. One of the most effective tools at a player’s disposal is the Video on Demand (VOD) review.

This article will delve into what a League of Legends VOD review is and how it can be a game-changer for players aspiring to reach their goals.

What is a VOD Review in League of Legends?

A VOD review in League of Legends is a detailed analysis of a previously played game. Reviewing this VOD allows players or coaches to revisit and scrutinize gameplay and provides an opportunity to identify mistakes, understand decision-making processes, and recognize areas for improvement.

Reviewing games is important for players looking to improve as they can gain insights, refine strategies, and generally improve by dissecting elements at each stage.

The Process of VOD Reviews:

1. Selection of Game:

Either you or a skilled coach chooses a game representative of your average performance, preferably one which you found challenging. We recommend using OP.GG to find detailed stats for each game played.

2. Detailed Analysis:

The game is broken down into segments, analysing the lane phase, team fights, objective control, and other crucial aspects.

3. Identification of Mistakes:

Errors, such as poor decision-making and missed opportunities, are pinpointed. This is useful to understand areas that require improvement.

4. Actionable Insights:

The mistakes are translated into areas of improvement with actionable insights and strategies for future games.

Benefits of Analyzing VODS in League of Legends:

  • Enhanced Game Understanding: VOD reviews deepen players' comprehension of game mechanics, champion matchups, and macro strategies.
  • Improved Decision-Making: Players can make more informed and effective decisions in future games by understanding the rationale behind every action.
  • Personalized Learning: VOD reviews offer a tailored learning experience, enabling players to focus on their areas of improvement and learning pace.
  • Increased Self-Awareness: Recognizing one’s mistakes and areas for growth fosters a growth mindset and encourages continuous learning and development.

How to Buy a LoL VOD Review?

1. Select a Service:

Choose a reputable service like WeCoach that offers detailed and professional VOD reviews and LoL coaching tailored to your needs.

2. Purchase a Coaching Session:

Find a coach that aligns with your role, champion, and language that can easily fix your struggles. Complete the transaction and schedule a time for the analysis.

3. Submit Your Game:

After purchasing, upload the game you want to be reviewed to your coach, ensuring it is representative of a typical game; this will ensure you get the most value out of the analysis.

4. Receive Insights:

Once the review is complete, you will receive comprehensive feedback, insights, and actionable strategies to help you improve and climb.

How to Optimize Your VOD Review Experience:

  • Set Clear Objectives: Before starting a VOD review, outline what you want to achieve and focus on specific aspects of your gameplay.
  • Be Critical but Constructive: Approach your gameplay critically and acknowledge your strengths and positive plays.
  • Take Notes: Documenting your observations, insights, and action plans can help retain information and track progress.
  • Implement Learnings: Actively apply the insights from the VOD review in your subsequent games to see a tangible improvement.


A League of Legends VOD review is invaluable for players aiming to elevate their gameplay. It offers a reflective and in-depth look at one’s performance, fostering a deeper understanding of the game and highlighting pathways for improvement. VOD reviews and League coaching can easily be worth the money for players looking for one of the best ways to improve.

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