How to Get Better at League of Legends and Climb the Ranks Fast
How to Get Better at League of Legends and Climb the Ranks Fast
By Charlene on Nov 4th, 2023, 07:39
How to Get Better at League of Legends and Climb the Ranks Fast

Players Are Serious About Improving at League of Legends

Every League of Legends player shares a common dream: to ascend the ranks and claim their place among the elite tiers. But this journey is more than a quest as it demands skill, a strategic mind, dedication, and an openness to learn and adapt. In this guide, we unravel the expertise to transform your gameplay. Here, you won't find mere tips; you'll discover a philosophy of play that helps you soar through the ranks swiftly.

Focusing On One Role

Selecting your role in League of Legends is a crucial step that defines your path in the game, acting as a cornerstone upon which you'll build your expertise. It's about choosing a lane that aligns with your playstyle and how you enjoy playing the game. Whether you're challenging yourself with the hardest and strongest role in LoL as jungler, the heart of the map as mid laner, or the max damage dealer during the late game as ADC, your role is your pledge to excellence. Focusing on one role allows you to refine the particular micro and macro abilities it demands, making climbing more efficient and enjoyable.

Solidifying Your Champion Pool

Narrowing down your champion pool, or even focusing on one tricking, can give you a significant edge in League of Legends. When you hone your skills on a select few champions, or even just one, you master their mechanics inside and out, freeing up your mind to focus on the broader game at play. This depth of understanding allows an intuitive grasp of your champion's role in any team compositions and matchups. 

While having a broader selection can be beneficial for adapting to bans and securing counter picks, it often comes at the cost of mastery. In contrast, a smaller, well-curated champion pool tailored to your preferred style of play means each champion you select is a strategic choice, fully capable of tipping the scales in your team's direction.

Perfecting Last-Hitting

Last hitting is tricky during the early game as you start with the minimum items and damage. Every cs gives you gold and experience, especially cannon minions, also called siege minions. Last hitting demands precision, timing, and a clear awareness of your damage. Explore techniques to ensure you can harvest every possible gold resource, giving you the gold advantage needed to buy items. Remember, practicing is the best way to get better at last hitting.

Enhancing Wave Management

Getting better at wave management means you're learning to control the minions in your lane like a pro. It's simple: if you manage waves right, you can make life tough for your opponent and set yourself up to win. Let's break it down.

Freezing keeps the minion wave on your side by only last hitting at the very last moment. It forces your enemy to over-extend to hit minions, making them easy pickings for a gank.

Slow Pushing starts by building a big wave. Only kill the enemy minions slightly faster than yours are dying. This creates a mini-army that can crash into the enemy tower, giving you time to help elsewhere or deal damage to their turret.

Fast Pushing is when you kill the enemy minions ASAP. It's the way to go when you need to back for items, or you want to join a fight elsewhere on the map. You'll get the minions to the enemy tower quickly, forcing someone to defend and miss out on the action.

Managing minions isn't just about killing them for gold; it's about making moves that force your enemy to make tough choices. Get this right, and you'll have more control over the game, giving your team the upper hand.

Understanding Roaming

Understanding roaming is all about making smart moves around the map to give your team the upper hand. It's not enough to wander out of your lane; you must have a purpose. A good roam is timed just right: when you know your enemy laner can't follow or it'll cost them too much. You've got to keep an eye on the map, see where the enemy team has no vision, and calculate your strike. And when you do go for that gank, it's all about execution—coming in at the right angle, with the right speed, and landing your abilities to turn a fight or secure an objective. Do it right, and you won't just move around the map or waste time; you'll be the reason your team is winning.

Improving Your Map Awareness

Improving your map awareness in League of Legends is like unlocking a sixth sense, allowing you to predict enemy movements and intentions without direct sight. It's an essential skill that goes beyond periodic checks of the minimap or teammates. It's about piecing together information from every vision ward, spotting subtle shifts in enemy behaviour, and gauging the game's tempo. Good map awareness informs when to be aggressive or when to play it safe, warns you of potential ganks from the enemy jungler, and helps you catch opponents by surprise. By continuously interpreting this flow of information, you gain the foresight needed to make proactive plays, steer clear of danger, and position yourself to strike effectively, thereby turning the tide of the match in your favour.

Placing Better Wards

Vision wins games. Placing better wards should provide insight besides lighting up the map. Smart warding means knowing the hot spots—the jungle intersections, river entrances, and key paths the enemy will likely use. You need to time your wards to gain the best advantage, like when you're about to take an objective or need to safeguard your lane from ganks. A ward placed at the right time and place can reveal the enemy's game plan, protect your advances, or secure your retreat.

Advanced Strategies and Tactics

To rise above the ranks, one must not only play but also think about the game. Advanced strategies and tactics go beyond the basics into the strategic haven of high elo gameplay. These include zoning, positioning in teamfight, objective trading, and rotational play. These are the maneuvers that define elites, the intellectual edge that turns a skilled player into a formidable tactician.

Communication and Team Dynamics

In a solo-queue ranked match, your team's communication can be as crucial as in-game skills. When you signal for help or point out enemies, you help build a sense of unity and shared purpose. Good communication is what synchronizes individual actions into a powerful group strategy, whether it's through decisive shot-calling, using smart pinging, or just keeping everyone's spirits up after a setback. It's the delicate balance of speaking up, listening, and sometimes leading the charge that can fuse a group of solo players into a collaborative team, all pulling in the same direction for the win.

How to Practice Effectively

Practicing effectively in League of Legends means more than just playing game after game. It's crucial to have a clear plan in every game you play. To get better, be strategic about how you train—focus on your weak points, drill the essentials, and constantly challenge yourself to improve. Set specific, achievable goals for each practice session and stick to them. It's not about the hours you put in; it's what you put into the hours. That way, every minute you spend practising, whether that be in the practice tool or in ranked games, pushes you closer to becoming the player you aim to be.

How Expert LoL Coaching Can Fast Track Your Climb

In League of Legends, an Esports coach does more than point out mistakes or suggest item builds; they unlock your potential. League of Legends coaching is not only for professional players but also for regular individual players who want to improve. A coach sees the bigger picture, identifying patterns in your play that you might miss and offering new strategies to exploit your opponent's weaknesses. They'll work with you to refine your champion mechanics, sharpen your decision-making, and enhance your game sense. With personalized feedback and tailored practice drills, a coach helps you internalize skills faster and pushes you to adapt and evolve in ways you might not on your own. It's this focused guidance that can accelerate your improvement, helping you climb ranks and outmaneuver opponents not just with mechanical skill but with more thoughtful play.

Knowing the Current Meta

Staying on top of the current meta is crucial for climbing the ranks. The ever-shifting meta not only determines which champions are strong but also the winning strategies at play. Understanding the meta means getting to grips with its fluid nature—what works one week might not the next. It's about keeping up with the latest patches, pro-player trends, and community discussions. You need to be quick to adapt, ready to switch up your strategies, and always prepared for the game's evolving dynamics. By mastering the meta, you're arming yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions, counter your opponents effectively, and maintain a tactical advantage that can propel you to victory.

Utilizing External Tools and Resources

Leveraging external tools and resources can be a game changer as you aim for elite ranks in League of Legends. Reading your ranked stats and rewatching your games becomes powerful when you actively apply these insights to improve your gameplay. Imagine having a suite of analytics at your fingertips, pinpointing your recurring errors, or a replay tool that helps you dissect every move of your last game. By leveraging these platforms effectively, you get a clearer vision of your gameplay, helping you make the necessary adjustments to climb the ranks more swiftly and efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Getting better at the game is a continuous path of learning, adapting, and evolving. This guide lays the groundwork for a transformative approach to how you play League of Legends.. The ranks you climb and the victories you claim will testify to the unwavering commitment to excellence and the relentless pursuit of mastery that started right here.

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