Top 5 Champions to One Trick In League of Legends
Top 5 Champions to One Trick In League of Legends
By Charlene on Oct 27th, 2023, 10:01
Top 5 Champions to One Trick In League of Legends


League of Legends offers 165+ champions for players to master. But there's a strategy many players swear by... One-tricking!

By dedicating their time to a single champion, players can dive deep into the nuances of that champion's mechanics, matchups, and playstyles.

However, with this, one question constantly arises: Which champions are worth this commitment?

This article will spotlight five champions who have stood the test of time as top picks for one-tricking, no matter the rank.

1. Vayne: The Night Hunter

Vayne, the nimble Night Hunter, has always been a compelling choice for many aspiring ADC mains. Her tumbling mechanics (Q) and the thrill of landing a perfectly timed Condemn (E) against a wall offer players a rewarding experience.

Vayne is unique in her strength in the late game, where she becomes powerful and can quickly take down strong enemies and tanks. Top players like Uzi and Doublelift have proven just how good Vayne can be, motivating many to learn and play her.

2. Riven: The Exile

With her iconic animation cancels and flashy combos, Riven is seriously fun to watch when played to perfection. Like all of the other champions on the list, Riven offers a high skill ceiling, making her a favourite among top laners seeking a challenge.

Every Q animation cancel and perfect wall hop with her third Q showcases a player's dedication to mastering Riven. Popular Riven mains, such as BoxBox and Adrian Riven, have become synonymous with this champion, highlighting the art of what's possible with thousands of hours of dedication on the champion.

3. Lee Sin: The Blind Monk

Lee Sin's reputation as the "Blind Monk" doesn't really represent the depth and vision of his gameplay! Lee Sin has a dynamic playstyle, packed with the possibility for some incredible InSec kicks and ward hop jukes, ensuring there's always something new to master.

A well-played Lee Sin can single-handedly sway the course of a match, making clutch plays that leave both allies and enemies in awe. Players like Peanut and InSec have showcased Lee Sin's high-tempo gameplay in professional leagues, emphasizing the champion's crazy potential for playmaking.

4. Thresh: The Chain Warden

Supports, often underappreciated, find their muse in Thresh, the Chain Warden. His multifaceted kit, from hooking champions with "Death Sentence/Hook" (Q) to saving allies with "Dark Passage/Lantern" (W), provides unparalleled playmaking potential.

Thresh players have the unique challenge and reward of controlling the map making impactful decisions every second. Thresh legends like MadLife have immortalized Thresh's plays, proving that even in a supporting role, one can steal the spotlight.

5. Zed: The Master of Shadows

The allure of Zed lies in his shadows. A masterful Zed player dances around the map, juggling his shadows to deceive and eliminate his targets. His high-risk, high-reward gameplay, characterized by precise skill shots and split-second decision-making, offers a challenge many mid-laners relish.

Iconic players like Faker have demonstrated Zed's lethal prowess, making plays that are etched in the annals of LoL history.

Comparative Analysis

While each of these champions offers a unique playstyle, they share common traits that make them ideal for one-tricking. Their high-skill ceilings ensure there's always something new to master.

The versatility of the five champions mentioned allows players to adapt to various metas, and their potential for outplays ensures that dedicated players can always turn the tide of a game no matter the current League of Legends meta.

Advantages of One-Tricking in LoL

One-tricking is more than just mastering a champion; it's about understanding the game through a unique lens. Players who one-trick develop an innate understanding of their champion's matchups, power spikes, and intricacies.

This mastery translates to higher game knowledge, better decision-making, and an ability to capitalize on the smallest enemy mistakes. Moreover, by focusing on a single champion, players can channel their energy into refining their mechanics, positioning, and game sense, allowing them to climb ranks more efficiently.

Tips and Tricks for Aspiring One-Trick Players in LoL

One-tricking a champion in League of Legends is a dedicated journey, demanding more than just playing the same champion repetitively.

Here are some invaluable tips and tricks for those who are thinking of venturing into the world of one-tricking:

  • Deep dive into the champion's mechanics and understand every aspect of your champion's abilities. It isn't just about knowing what each ability does but also understanding the minute interactions, the range, the cooldown times, and the potential combos.
  • Watch replays of pro or high-ranking players who main your chosen champion. Platforms like YouTube and Twitch offer a goldmine of gameplay videos that can provide insights on positioning, decision-making, and playstyle.
  • Customize your in-game settings, runes, and item builds to fit your playstyle with the champion. While there are recommended builds, personal comfort and adaptability based on in-game situations can sometimes lead to better outcomes.
  • Practice in varied conditions. Don't just practice stomping lower-level players. Put yourself in tough situations, play against counters, and challenge yourself to adapt. It will prepare you for a wider variety of game scenarios.
  • Join forums or Discord servers dedicated to your champion. Engaging with a League of Legends community can offer new strategies, provide feedback on your gameplay, and keep you updated on any changes that might affect your champion.
  • Adopt the right attitude. One-tricking goes beyond just understanding game mechanics; it's about cultivating an attitude. Welcome both victories and defeats, recognizing that every match offers lessons. Stay receptive to feedback and continually seek self-improvement.
  • Stay updated for patch notes and understand how they impact your champion. With regular game updates, champions can undergo minor tweaks to major overhauls.
  • Have professional LoL coaches from WeCoach analyze your replays or watch your live games. Coaches take time to review and analyze your games, pinpointing mistakes, areas for improvement, and moments of brilliance.
  • Learning to adapt is crucial, whether it's a meta shift or a game where you're being heavily focused. No matter how well you know your champion, the game's dynamic nature means scenarios can change.
  • Remember, the essence of one-tricking is not just about mastering a champion but also about enjoying the process. Relish the journey, celebrate the outplays, and learn from the missteps.


Whether to one-trick or not is a personal decision. However, for those looking to deep-dive into the details of a champion and the game itself, the journey of one-tricking can be incredibly rewarding. Vayne, Riven, Lee Sin, Thresh, or Zed - who will be your choice? And more importantly, what stories will you weave on the Summoner's Rift with them?

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