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About me :

Hi, my name is Zartax! I have been playing FPS games for over 10 years. I would love to coach you and help you reach your desired rank. Before booking you can always dm me, so we can look together at what fits your goals best.

In 2010 I started playing FPS games for the first time and quickly realised that this is where my passion lies. I reached top 500 in Overwatch for the first 3 seasons, which is when I coached people for the first time. Ever since then I have loved helping others reach their maximum potential.

When VALORANT came out I instantly started grinding the game and quickly rose to the top of the ladder, playing the game on the highest tier level.

I have a very high level of understanding of the game, including in-dept knowledge about every agent and role in the game. My favourite roles are duelist and initiator and my best agents are Jett, Raze, Chamber and Cypher. However, I can give you a lot of tips, tricks and guides on any agent and role you want.

Besides that I can also help you with the psychological aspects of the game such as a good mindset, strong mental and being a teamplayer in order to higher your skill ceiling and rank.

I have succesfully coached over a  100 people in VALORANT and at least 300 sessions with students. I am really looking forward to work with you and show you my coaching capabilities. Together we make you the VALORANT player you always wanted to be.


We talk about what you're capable of, what rank you are, and the most important part: what you wanna learn this session!

( I am able to coach any agent )


After diagnosing the weaker and stronger points I'll do my best to create a good balance and try to help you on your weaker points without having having much impact on your stronger points.

( I will be coaching and also recording at the same time to go through stuff together afterwards)


I'll show you what you could have done better by recording your gameplay and go through it together afterwards ( or in game live without recording how you prefer it ) but in my own opinion checking it after the game is way easier since you have more overview and time to go trough stuff together.

I'll coach you about :

How to peek, clear corners, wide peek,

How to clear a site, How to defend a site

Setup's for defense for example Killjoy, cypher, omen etc.

Go trough your positioning, and reduce the chance of getting shot by multiple angles.

Predict what they can play, or planning to do.

Rotations, like when to rotate and why you need to rotate.

Suite a playstyle for your own agent main or trying to improve on.

First we go trough the gameplay, then we adjust, then we see results.

Thank you for taking the time to read my page, I am looking forward to having a session with you!

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