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have been playing video games forever. Since I was young I used to watch mostly CS 1.6 and then CS:GO matches and professionals play. I used to love it and wanted to one day be like them. I was unable since I lived in a country where this couldn't happen until I moved to Spain. Started playing professionally when Apex Legends came out. I achieved a lot here, even a world record for kills, at the moment it was #2 with 37, now it's currently top 7. I achieved many top 10 trophies in Apex Legends but in the long run, I didn't have the motivation to play such a game, found it not to be fun competitively, and decided to step away.

Valorant came out and I decided to play competitively once again. I've played it since beta, and had ups and downs with organizations and teams but I still play and love it, hopefully to one day be on the stage of the VCT. I've been radiant since ranked came out and I still enjoy playing ranked but I use most of my time practicing with my team and coaching others.

I've helped many people get out of their ranks in which they've been stuck in just a matter of weeks. If you are iron and want to get out, I'll guide you, if you want to even get to immortal I can guide you to it. It can seem hard, but it's not impossible.

In my lessons, I dedicate most of the time to covering everything you need in order to get better and better. I can also make a plan to help teams reach their goal and understand Valorant on a more deep level.

I enjoy this a lot and it makes me happy when people reach their rank or their purpose with my help, so you can trust that I will be there to help you throughout the whole thing!

Let's have a good time getting better and work together, cheers!

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