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Average Rating
Good VOD review session! Were able to identify main fundamental mistake that kept me from winning a game where I was super fed. Also gave other super useful tips.
very accommodating , learned a lot.
very good coach even for experienced players i promise he can help you. i recommend.
Helped me to understand general way of thinking playing jungle and most importent teached my indepth wave management, helped me a lot :)
Great Coach. Has a great personality, not mean. Honest. Gave me some stuff to work on. Looking forward to booking another session.
Renimlol is a highly effective and knowledgeable League of Legends coach. The coaching sessions have significantly improved my gameplay, and I appreciate the focus on key aspects that directly impact performance. I highly recommend Renimlol for anyone looking to enhance their skills and understanding of the game.
I recently had the privilege of being coached by Renim, and the experience has been nothing short of transformative. Coming into the sessions as a low platinum player, I had my reservations about breaking through the ranks. However, Renim’s coaching prowess became evident almost immediately. What truly sets Renim apart is his exceptional ability to work around my schedule, needs, and gaming ambitions. He supported my goals, no matter what role or champion I was aiming to master. His flexibility and willingness to adapt to my specific objectives were invaluable in my progression. His knowledge is extensive, and he has a unique talent for imparting it in an understandable and actionable way. Renim’s coaching extended beyond mere strategies; he delved into the nuances of mentality, macro play, wave management, and even jungle pathing/tracking. Every session concluded with five tailored points for improvement, which proved to be a significant catalyst in my rapid growth. One aspect of Renim’s coaching that deserves a special mention is his listening skills. He always sought to understand my perspective before coaching, ensuring that the guidance I received was aligned with my playstyle and personal goals. To my astonishment, I reached Emerald One rank without even utilizing the full bundle of coaching sessions I had purchased. This fact alone speaks volumes about the efficacy of Renim’s coaching. For anyone serious about climbing the ranks and willing to put in the effort, I cannot recommend Renim enough. He is not just a coach; he is a mentor, a motivator, and a listener – all rolled into one. His open-minded approach and commitment to my improvement have left an indelible mark on my gaming journey. Thank you, Renim, for not just coaching, but for inspiring and understanding me as a player. I look forward to continuing my climb with the insights and knowledge you've imparted.
Good tips and very helfull gave me some great tips on how to get better at jgl
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About Me

Hi ! My name is Renim I’m 22 years old. I study architecture and love sports. I’ve decided to focus fully on coaching career. I previously was headcoach of Elements GO. I have more then 2 years of experience with individual and team coachings, at the moment I am a coach for Maverix playing in Hitpoint Challangers. Over these years I’ve gained invaluable experience which developed my way of teaching, I’m open minded and able to coach every role to master level and jungle to grandmaster mmr. I’m looking forward for your improvement. 

You will get coached by a coach not a player. A coach will undertand you and fix YOUR mistakes. Not force a playstyle upon you !


  • 1st place in LAF league
  • AERUS League Finalist
  • 2nd place in SLE league
  • 2020 GAL summer split
  • Head coach of various high elo teams
  • Hitpoint 3rd league -3rd place in group stage
  • Hitpoint Challangers coach (2ERL)
  • Over 200hrs of coaching experience
  • Well-judged reputation

With this coaching you will get full insight on how to play improve even when i am not around ! 

Why choose me ?

I believe we can get to high elo if we try hard enough ! I´ve worked for many organizations and coaching sites. I am ready to tailor the coaching session for your level so you can get better as soon as possible and rank up fast! I have more then 200 satisfied students that come back to get more coachings as they get better. Purchase today to get better quickly! 

I focus on:

  • Mentality
  • Macro
  • Wave managment
  • Jungle pathing/tracking
  • Motivating you to get better

After every session i give you 5 point to improve on for next time.

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