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  • 4 Years Coaching Experience
  • Students Coached From Silver to Master
  • High-tempo Mid Playstyle

Hey there! I'm Rawz, a Coach peaking Challenger on EUW, EUNE, and NA!

I have been coaching for over 4 years, and have thousands of hours of coaching experience, covering all types of skill levels and learning styles.

Here are some of the things, I can go over during one of our coaching sessions:

  • Selecting correct runes, builds and summoners against lane matchup and enemy team comp. 
  • How to create win conditions by roaming.
  • Lane matchups, zoning, wave manipulation, general and specific knowledge on how to play lane correctly.
  • Map awareness, warding, vision control.
  • Strategy and general decision making, throughout the game.
  • Prioritising objectives through good macro knowledge.
  • How to keep improving, after the coaching session. 

Coaching Methods, I provide:

  • Replay analysis of your previous game/games.
  • Spectating your live games on stream or via screen share whilst providing live analysis. 
  • Explaining and showing champion essentials in custom games.
  • Playing myself, whilst screen sharing or streaming; explaining every decision that is being made in real-time
  • Duo-queue whilst explaining concepts.

if you’re looking to learn a high-tempo play-style which is guaranteed to carry games, look no further!

The majority of my Coaching clients, gain at least 1-2 divisions after a single coaching session, which is exactly what I want for you!

Currently Coaching: ALL SERVERS!