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My name is Simon "Muter" Brøns. I´m a professional 680LP Grandmaster Midlaner/Support & Positional Coach from Denmark. I have 3 years of competitive experience as a Player and 3 years of experience as a Positional Coach. Upon your request, i will be able to provide you with previously recorded Coaching Sessions and References in order for you to learn a bit more about me and my coaching. Otherwise, feel free to send me a DM.

⭐Individual Player Experience⭐

I started playing competitively in 2020 and have been playing in following Teams & Leagues:

・Midlaner for Team Singularity in NLC 1st Div

・Midlaner for Granit Gaming in NLC 1st Div

・Midlaner for Fløng Esports in NLC 2nd Div

・Midlaner for Austrian Force in Prime League 2nd Div

・Midlaner for Team Riverside in Prime League 2nd Div

・Midlaner for Sunflower Gaming in Prime League 3rd Div (Promoted to 2nd Div)

・Midlaner for Wicked Gaming in TESD

・Toplaner for Atleta Esport in PG Nats 2nd Div

Whilst i have been playing Midlane in Competitive, i have also mained Jungle and Support for many years, in addition to playing Top and Adc alot in Soloqueue aswell, making me able to have a great understanding and deep knowledge of all the roles.

🎓Coaching Experience and idealization🎓

I have a lot of different clients, such as: Soloqueue Players, Competitive Players & Teams, coaching them accordingly. My coaching is focused alot on your needs & preferences. This means, that i will structure my coaching session(s) around what you want to work on. I will introduce you to a new mindset, new work habits, new work ethics, aswell as in-game concepts that will help you improve as both a person and player and get you to the level, you want to be at. I idealize Coaching as a learning curve and therefore prefer long term coaching projects, where i get the chance to work with you over several sessions, in order to see a growth and development in your gameplay. However, a single session can also get you a long way!

・Coached 1000LP Challenger Toplaner

・Coached 1200 LP Challenger Jungler

・Coached 1200LP Challenger Midlaner

・Coached 1200LP Challenger ADC

・Coached 1000P Challenger Support

・Positional Coach for Esport Atleta

・Positional Coach for Esports Player Foundation

・Positional Coach for Epic Dudes

・Positional Coach for FoxGamingMA

・Positional Coach for All For One Gaming

・Positional Coach for Lotus Gaming

・Positional Coach for Divizon

⚠️Important Info before booking⚠️

All sessions gets recorded and uploaded to Youtube as unlisted so I can send it back to you and you can re-watch the session as many times as you want. If you wish your session to remain unlisted and not be uploaded anywhere public, please let me know prior to our session!  

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