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The coaching session was incredibly good .The coach was really patient and a great teacher. I'll definitely book more sessions with him because I feel like I learned so much in a short time.
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Hey there!

I am Randy van den Bemt aka Chapapi, and I am 24 years old.

I have been playing league since the beta and I have been a professional player since 2017. My career started in the Benelux where I became the first Dutch champion going into the EU masters group stage. Since the first Dutch championship I have won every single one until 2020 june where I started going international and started playing for eMonkeyz in the Spanish league. After that I played in the french league.

So, now let's get onto the coaching. 

Coaching: My prefered coaching method is to do live coaching during your game and then go in depth with a vod review afterwards this allows me to see how you would naturally play out a game and properly assess your game knowledge. Live coaching also lets me see first hand your strengths and where you could use some improvement. After your game we can review your game in-depth with a vod review and I can explain things in more detail that I might not have enough time to explain during the game.

For multiple sessions, we can go more in depth by playing certain matchups in 1v1's, better warding positions roam timers etc.

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