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Mid, Top, Jungle, ADC, Support
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Very good coach overall, ive noticed hes quite good at seeing the main problems with my gameplay and actually giving an easily understandable explaination of the how, why, where and when for said issues. only had 1 session so far but might actually do another. Definitly 5 stars, would recommend for any elo.
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12:00 AM to 12:00 PM
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Hey, welcome to the site! My name is AMR. I have consistently reached challenger since Season 5, playing most of the lanes in the game.

( I coach all roles on all servers _ Jungle _mid_adc_top_supp)(NA EUW EUNE TR RU )

If you're looking to climb, and at the same time, learn the game; I am your coach.

A little more about me:

I've trained more than 3000 students, in additional to playing in the 2016 world championship in jakarta.

Those eager to put in the work to rank up will be very happy. I've helped a lot of my committed students reach higher ranks, and I've even worked with several students to reach Grand Master.

You can be sure that I know every aspect of coaching. Whether you're new to the game, a highly skilled player, a full team, streamer, 15 years old or 60; working with me will not only be enjoyable, but with time will result in improvements and ranking up.

I have helped a lot of players get to their desired rank. For example: From Silver to diamond and with a lot of perspective for more .. Tons of diamond players who reached Master and even Master Grandmaster players who reached challenger after my coaching. I work with players who want to go pro too or want to play with teams. Competitive coaching for players and teams.

Working with a lot of gamers, being in the gamers community is something that I will always do and that's why I am here to help you succeed too.

Reach out to say hi, and let me know what you're working on and let's get started!

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