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Don't worry! Simply contact our below to schedule a specific time or find another coach.

Use www.calendly.com/rondonstreams to see my availability and book a timeslot through calendly after you buy a session here.

Heyo! I'm Rondon and I'm an actual professional Apex Legends player! I competed in the $500,000 pre-season LAN invitational in Apex, I have a bronze medal from ALGS Autumn #1 and a 7th place in EMEA ALGS Summer #1. Me and my team Game of Drones qualified into the $1,000,000 ALGS Championship event.

I also stream at twitch.tv/rondonstreams, feel free to say hi!

You can also take a look at my liquipedia page to see all my achievements from apex:


Please refer to my www.calendly.com/rondonstreams - to see when I have time. You can also book a session here at the same hour you book on proguides here to make sure we won't have to re-schedule (sometimes when I'm sleeping 2 people book at the same time and its ggs)

I give discounts for reocurring students (5+ sessions)

In a session I always do my best to meet all your expectations. I can carry, I can coach, explain, and have fun. I'm a whole package.

I am an In-Game Leader type of a player. In all my pro teams I was a IGL/Co-IGL. I tend to think a LOT about the game, about the theoretical aspects while not forgetting the practical ones.

We'll start with introduction. I will gather some basic information about you, as I want to understand you as a player and as a person, figure out your goals and what you want to achieve. Near the end we will go over all the concepts we discussed, I'll make sure you understand everything, there will be space for questions and feedback, and in the end I'll be sending you off to ranked.

Sessions I offer:

------MOST VALUE------

Make me (any rank) package:

->8 sessions/month

-->Package is designed to give you highest efficiency available for learning and improving as a player

--->We will have our sessions twice a week, for a month

---->You will be in close contact with me, getting priority over other clients

----->I will create a personal development plan for you at the end of our course

The main idea are well-scheduled sessions (2x/week) to give you enough time to implement the things you learn into your own gameplay. Many clients come to me, wanting to learn as much as possible, and order a 3-hour-long coaching session, where they will be overwhelmed by the information recieved. The course is designed to still give you a huge amount of information, but you are expected and almost required to play on your own in between our sessions. Remember. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Be smart about it.

VOD review/Spectated coaching/Replay analysis:

->These sessions will bring you the biggest value when it comes to learning and improving

-->I'll watch you play, and find your individual strenghts and weaknesses

--->I'll take notes round by round on how you could've played better and explain why it'll help you

---->We will go over my notes, talk about the game, any questions you have and more.

----->We'll also talk about the simplest changes you can do to improve your game the most, what we can do to work on those etc

This is all designed to help you the most as a player individually, indentifying your weaknesses, furthering your understanding of the game, and giving you a new perspective when playing

Teammate Training: (feel free to bring a teammate for this session)

->We'll queue up for an unranked/ranked match

-->I will give you feedback from a teammate's POV

--->I will give you examples on how I expect you to play as a good teammate, give you concepts you require

---->We will also be having a good and fun time, goofing around; an overall good experience

IMPORTANT: I also offer "2 Pros teammate training"-

->In this session I will have my teammate and coach join us, coach you with me, at the same time, or just play and grind RP.

-->This is great if you're trying to just get a team going for your ranked grinding purposes, and you're tired of soloqueue, or just want the experience of actual professional players on your team

--->Please speak to wecoach livechat before booking this

We'll play as many games as we can fit in the time frame, pretend we're playing at a super high level, working on positioning, what to expect and whatever you need.

If you pick anything else, the prices are the same, this way we will have a free hand at doing whatever we want to be doing, whatever is required for you to learn from me.

General coaching will therefore include all, some, or just one type of coaching based on YOUR needs.

My custom services are pretty self-explanatory:

Hanging out in pubs-We will queue up into a non-ranked match and have fun (feel free to bring a teammate for this session)

Tournament teammate-If you'd want me to play a tournament with you (unless I'm playing it already) - please message wecoach livechat before booking

Figuring out your settings-I'm not a technical support agent, but I'm very knowledgeable when it comes to increasing performance in Apex on Windows, fixing your video settings. I can also help you pick a sensitivity, but please note: THIS IS NOT AIM TRAINING.

Competitive team coaching-I've been competing in Apex on the highest level for a long time now, so if you are a starting team that would love to make it somewhere, don't hesitate to get this session. (Session is for your whole team-4 max players at once)

Things you should know before booking:

->If by any chance you are missing a couple of points, feel free to DM me through discord. If you would like a shorter session to go over a few things, I can give you a personalized discount through the wecoach site

->My schedule is usually from 1pm-10pm CET every day of the week. DM me to schedule a session outside of this time (only in emergencies)

->If you'd want to reschedule a session, message me at least 6 hours ahead with a new-desired time

->I will do everything I can to help you-if you want me to do anything else than mentioned above, or would want to modify a session, do something else - feel free to DM me

->I coach everyone not depending on the input you're playing, whether that is controller on PC, console, or MnK on PC etc.

->I coach people from all the regions. I have coached multiple people from all continents so far, there won't be an issue

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