What Are the Best Valorant Agents for Beginners
What Are the Best Valorant Agents for Beginners
By Charlene on Nov 9th, 2023, 06:01
What Are the Best Valorant Agents for Beginners

What Are the Best Valorant Agents for Beginners

Step into Valorant, and you'll find yourself in a place where every move you make could lead to a big win or a sudden drop. It's a world where thinking ahead, having sharp skills, and sometimes being lucky can make you a champion.

Picking your role and agent in Valorant is as important as being good at aiming in an FPS game.

If you're new and need help deciding which agent to pick, don't worry. This guide will show you how to shine with the best beginner-friendly agents in Valorant.

Understanding Agent Roles

Valorant features over 20 agents, each belonging to a specific role. Let's summarize:

  • Duelists are the front-line fighters who love to get into the thick of the action.
  • Initiators are great at breaking through enemy defences.
  • Controllers are the masters of the battlefield, helping the team by blocking the enemy's view and taking control of key areas.
  • Sentinels are the defenders, holding down the fort and protecting their team.

If you're new to Valorant, it's vital to understand these roles because they'll help you figure out your play style and how you can work best with your team.

Top 6 Best Valorant Agents for Beginners

Now, we present to you the top 6 best agents that forgive mistakes and reward gutsy plays while you're still learning the ropes.

Sage - Sentinel

Sage stands out as the healing hand in Valorant, a true game-changer for her team. Beyond merely patching up wounds, she offers a second chance, a safety net that can pull a match back from the brink of defeat. Her unique power to bring teammates back to life makes her a beacon of hope and a real force to be reckoned with.

For someone just starting in Valorant, Sage is a gift, a healer every Valorant team needs. She changes the game with her healing touch that can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Her resurrection ability on fallen teammates often turns the whole match around.

For new players, Sage's Slow Orb is a blessing. She gives you room to breathe and learn the game without fearing costly mistakes. In Valorant, timing and positioning are crucial, and Sage's healing abilities allow you to experiment and stay in the game even after a few slip-ups.

When you play as Sage to support your team, you can step back, watch the action unfold, and understand the game's rhythm. When your teammates need you, you're there to patch or revive them, which can turn the tide. She's the ideal agent for beginners who want to contribute and grow with their team in Valorant.

Phoenix - Duelist

Phoenix is the go-to agent for players who like to take the fight to the enemy but want the comfort of healing up quickly after a skirmish. His abilities, 'Hot Hands' and 'Blaze', aren't just about dealing damage—they also heal him if he stands in the flames. That makes him an excellent choice for new players still getting used to the game's pace and might find themselves caught in a tight spot.

With his 'Curveball' ability, Phoenix can throw a flashbang that temporarily blinds anyone looking at it. This levels the playing field for beginners who might be slower to react than the more seasoned players. It's a smart way to gain the upper hand, allowing you to outwit the opponent without perfect aim.

The most forgiving aspect of Phoenix's kit is his ultimate ability, 'Run It Back.' When activated, he marks his current location, and for a short time, if he's killed, he'll respawn right back at that spot with full health. This means beginners can try more daring moves and strategies without worrying about the consequences. They get to learn aggressive play and have a backup plan if things don't go as expected.

Playing as Phoenix allows beginners to get a real feel for the front lines, learn to make quick decisions, and understand the rhythm of Valorant's combat, all while knowing they have a built-in safety net. This self-sufficiency makes him an agent who can forgive and support learning, allowing new players to shine even as they're just starting to learn.

Brimstone – Controller

Brimstone is the master tactician of Valorant, turning the game into a strategic puzzle where every move counts. His toolkit is all about gaining territory and locking down areas from the enemies. When you play as Brimstone, you get to think ahead and control the battlefield on your terms.

His 'Sky Smokes' ability is perfect for those who want to play smart. You can deploy smoke screens from a tactical map, which block the enemy's vision and create safe paths for your team or traps for your opponents. Blocking the view is only part of the plan. It's also about setting up what comes next, like securing a crucial area or preparing to surprise the enemy.

Then there's his 'Incendiary' grenade, also known as a 'Molly,' which you can toss to create a fiery zone that damages over time. This is really handy for driving enemies out of their hiding spots or keeping them away from the Spike.

Brimstone is the go-to agent for players who prefer to outthink their enemies with smart strategies instead of just trying to outshoot them. If you enjoy predicting enemy moves and countering them with a well-placed strategy, Brimstone's your man. His ability to control the pace of the game makes him an ideal choice for beginners who want to learn Valorant's deeper tactical layers.

Reyna – Duelist

Reyna is the wildcard choice for beginners fearless in jumping right into the deep end. She operates on the principle of high risk for high reward, offering a playstyle that can be incredibly satisfying but also punishing if not handled carefully. Her kit revolves around dueling with enemies and coming out on top to reap the benefits.

When Reyna gets a kill, her abilities start to shine. She can use 'Dismiss' to become untouchable for a short time, giving her a moment of invincibility that can be crucial for repositioning or escaping a tight spot. This teaches new players the importance of timing and navigating chaotic fight scenarios.

Even better, Reyna can heal herself with 'Devour', which, after taking down an opponent, can absorb their life force to refill her health. This self-heal mechanic encourages aggressive play since you get immediate feedback and reward for each successful encounter. It allows beginners to learn the ebb and flow of combat engagements, pushing them to improve their aim and duel capabilities.

Reyna might be a bit less forgiving than other agents, but for those who want to dive headfirst into learning combat and improving their skills in high-pressure situations, she's a perfect choice. Playing as Reyna puts you right in the middle of the action, where you must make fast decisions that could mean win or lose. Getting good at Reyna can significantly boost your confidence in the game.

Killjoy - Sentinel

Killjoy is Valorant's tech genius, a sentinel who turns the battlefield into her controlled experiment with an array of inventive gadgets. She's a great pick for beginners who want to play a more strategic game, focusing on setting up defenses and gathering intelligence rather than getting into fast-paced firefights.

Her toolkit includes a turret that automatically fires at enemies. It's like having an extra set of eyes and a gun that watches your back or covers a flank. This allows new players to hold key points on the map without being everywhere at once.

Then there's her Alarmbot, which alerts you when enemies are near and makes them more vulnerable to damage. It's a perfect tool for ambushes, and it teaches new players to predict enemy routes and to catch opponents off-guard.

Killjoy's Nanoswarm grenades can be a nasty surprise for any enemy trying to take control of a point. They can be deployed as mines and activated when an enemy is in range, dealing damage over time and denying area access. This can help beginners learn the importance of controlling space and how to defend objectives effectively.

But the most significant of Killjoy's abilities is her ultimate, 'Lockdown'. This powerful device can detain all enemies in a sizeable radius, rendering them unable to use weapons for a short duration. It's a game-changer in critical moments and teaches players the power of timing and the importance of saving their best tools for the right moment.

Killjoy is the ideal agent for those who get a kick out of outthinking their rivals and prefer a playstyle that rewards preparation and foresight. She's for players who find satisfaction in the kill count, the smart plays, and the traps well set. Her gadgets help enhance a player's understanding of Valorant's strategic depth.

Sova - Initiator

For beginners looking to get a solid start as an Initiator in Valorant, Sova is the go-to agent. He brings a mix of reconnaissance and ranged engagement to benefit any team, especially when you're still finding your feet. Sova's abilities center around gaining information and controlling engagements from a safe distance, making him less about reflexive shooting and more about smart play.

With his signature ability, the Recon Bolt, Sova can shoot a sonar-emitting arrow that reveals the location of any nearby enemies. This ability lets you find out where the enemies are without risking exposing yourself. It's excellent for beginners to understand how the game moves and where the fights might happen.

His Owl Drone is another excellent tool for scouting. You can safely check corners and clear areas where enemies might hide without risking your skin. Using the Owl Drone effectively can give beginners a sense of control and contribution, as gaining and sharing information is crucial in Valorant.

Sova's Shock Bolt can then be used to clear out those enemies or deter them from holding tight angles, combining knowledge with power. It's not just about knowing where the enemy is; it's about using that knowledge to your advantage, disrupting their plans and supporting your team's advance or defence.

Finally, Sova's ultimate, Hunter's Fury, allows him to fire three deadly energy blasts across the entire map. This can be a game changer, especially when you have pinned down the enemies or are trying to plant or defuse the Spike. For beginners, it's a chance to feel the thrill of turning the tide of a round from a safe distance, contributing to the team's success without the pressure of close-quarter combat.

Sova is the ideal choice for new players who want to play an essential role in their team's success by providing information and support rather than getting the most eliminations. His kit rewards thoughtful play, patience, and practice, and it can help beginners learn the importance of teamwork and communication in Valorant.

Strategic Play with Beginner Agents

Knowing your agent's abilities is half the battle; the other half is using them strategically. Beginners must learn not just what the abilities do but when and where to use them. It's about creating advantage through utility rather than raw gunplay—setting traps with Killjoy, securing areas with Brimstone, and picking the right moment to heal with Sage.

Training Techniques

Valorant is a game of skill; like any skill, it can be honed. We'll explore drills to enhance aim, movement, and game sense. Training is not a mere repetition; it's about setting goals, pushing limits, and, most importantly, consistency. Alongside drills, we'll recommend resources for further learning, from professional Valorant coaching to community guides.

Evolving Beyond the Basics

As your skills sharpen, your appetite for complexity will grow. Expanding your agent pool, experimenting with different roles, and adapting to new strategies will become your new milestones. The agents listed are your foundation, but the house you build atop it can be as diverse and complex as you dare to dream.


Starting with the best beginner agents can make your Valorant journey less daunting and more thrilling. Keep in mind that every loss teaches you something, and every win brings you closer to getting really good at the game. When one match ends, you're already starting the next, and not just on the scoreboard. You're always getting better, picking up new skills, and getting ready to come out on top.

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