The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Perfect Role in Valorant
The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Perfect Role in Valorant
By Charlene on Nov 9th, 2023, 05:01
The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Perfect Role in Valorant

The Importance of Valorant Roles Explained

The team game Valorant features four different roles, Duelist, Initiator, Sentinel, and Controller.

Some Valorant players love to jump into the fray, guns blazing, while others prefer to hold back and keep the team steady. Some like to set traps and control the battlefield, while others enjoy the thrill of landing the perfect shot from across the map.

This guide is here to help you understand different roles in Valorant and figure out which Valorant class feels like home.

What Role Should You Play in Valorant?

Playstyle is personal. It's your gaming fingerprint. So, before you commit to a specific role or agent, you need to understand yourself. Are you aggressive, always looking for the first kill? Or do you prefer to lay back and protect your team? Do you enjoy outsmarting your opponent with strategic territory control, or do you thrive on setting the pace of the game? These questions will lead you to your Valorant soulmate, your true role in the chaos of competition.


Duelists are always where the action is thickest. They lead the attack, ready to jump into a battle. To be a Duelist, you need good aim, the confidence to take fights, and the ability to come out on top.

These players understand their strengths well and know precisely when to use them to take down the enemy, and they're the ones making big plays that get everyone talking.

If the idea of taking on an opponent head-to-head gets your adrenaline pumping and you're all about those game-changing moments, you're probably cut out to be a Duelist.

An Aggressive Role to Play

Duelists are for players who want to be where the action is. If you're the first to charge into a fight and you're confident in your aim, this role is for you.

Duelists are about aggressive plays, flashy kills, and the rush of being the star of the show. They're the ones who lead the charge and get the team pumped up after a big win.

The Spotlight Role

Being a Duelist means you're not afraid of the spotlight as there's pressure to make big plays, but if you thrive on that and want your team to count on you for game-changing action, then being a Duelist could be the right fit.

Aiming for the First Kill

The first kill in a match sets the tone for the round. As a Duelist, you must be on point with your aim and ready to make bold moves. If you've got the skills and the guts to take the lead and create openings for your team, you're prepared to own the Duelist role.

Duelists in Valorant:

Jett - Known for her agility and evasive playstyle, Jett's ability to dash and leap around makes her a favourite for aggressive, high-mobility plays.

Phoenix - With his self-healing abilities and powerful flash, Phoenix is a self-sufficient Duelist who can create opportunities and sustain himself in fights.

Reyna - Popular for her ability to dismiss after a kill, allowing her to reposition or escape, and her potential to self-heal, making her a strong pick in solo engagements.


Initiators don't always stand in the spotlight like Duelists, but they're the ones who set up the plays. They have a knack for tactics and know when to push forward and throw the enemy team off balance.

As an initiator, you need to think like a chess player, always planning your next move and the moves afterwards. If you're the kind of player who loves to create the perfect attack or find a way to shake things up when everything seems stuck, then being an Initiator might be your style.

Setting the Stage

Initiators are for players who like to set things up for team play. If you're the player who enjoys controlling how the fight unfolds, this role is calling your name. You'll use your abilities to mess with the enemy team's strategy and give your teammates the edge they need to win the round.

The Tactical Mind

To be an Initiator, you've got to think ahead. If you're always asking "what if" and "what's next," and you can read the game like a book, then you have the tactical mind needed for this role. It's about making the plays that will lead to victory.

Creating Opportunities

As an Initiator, you create chances for your team to shine. You're the one with the game plan who sees how to turn a stalemate into a winning play. If you get satisfaction from outsmarting the enemy and setting your team up for success, then the Initiator role is where you belong.

Initiator in Valorant:

Sova - His recon abilities allow for gathering valuable intel, making him a staple in many team compositions for his ability to reveal enemy positions.

Breach - With a suite of abilities designed to disrupt and disorient enemies through walls and obstacles, Breach can be pivotal in initiating team fights.

Skye - Valued for her ability to heal teammates and gather intel with her Trailblazer and Guiding Light, Skye is an Initiator who can also support the team.


Sentinels are cool-headed players who handle pressure well and can predict and block enemy moves. If you enjoy helping the team and being a dependable Sentinel agent who keeps everything secure, then the Sentinel role could be a great fit for you.


Sentinels are the shields of Valorant. If you're all about defence, if you're the player who likes to watch over the team and keep everyone safe, this role is perfect for you. It's for those who stand their ground and cover their friends when things get tough.

Guardians of the Team

Being a Sentinel means you're the guardian angel of your team. If you take pride in protecting your squad and holding down the fort, then the Sentinel role is your battleground. You're not looking for the glory; you're there to make sure everyone else can do their job without worry.

Anticipation and Strategy

A good Sentinel needs to be one step ahead of the enemy. You need to know where they'll hit next and be ready to stop them in their tracks. If you can predict the enemy's moves and love the thrill of shutting down their plans, the Sentinel role will suit you well.

Sentinel in Valorant:

Sage - As the primary healer of Valorant, Sage's ability to resurrect teammates, slow enemies, and create barriers makes her an essential pick for defensive strategies.

Cypher - His information-gathering tools, such as the Spycam and Trapwire, are crucial for holding sites and monitoring flanks, making Cypher a top choice for many defensive setups.

Killjoy - With her arsenal of gadgets for area denial and intel, Killjoy can lock down sites and provide valuable information to her team.


Controllers are the ones who turn the battlefield to their advantage. They're good at thinking ahead and using their skills to block the enemy's view, take charge of important areas, and set the pace of the game.

If you're someone who can look at the game and see all the possibilities, who's good at making plans and spotting opportunities to take control, then you might just be a natural Controller.

Masters of Terrain

Controllers are the strategists, the ones who shape the battlefield to their will. If you love to control the game's flow and support your team by making the enemy's life difficult, then you'll thrive as a Controller. This role is for the player who thinks about the big picture and how to turn any area of the maps into an advantage.

The Strategic Visionary

Controllers are for thinkers, for those who plan their moves and look at the entire match as a chess game. If you've got a strategic mind and can stay calm while you plot out how to win, then the Controller role is where you should be.

Orchestrating the Flow

In the Controller role, you call the shots. You decide where the fight happens and how it goes down. If you're the type of player who likes to set the pace and keep the enemy guessing, you're ready to take control.

Controller agents:

Omen - Known for his smokes that can cover sightlines across the map and his ability to teleport, Omen is a Controller who offers both strategic value and unpredictability.

Viper - With abilities that can create large areas of denial and damage over time, Viper excels in controlling space and forcing enemies into unfavourable positions.

Brimstone - Offering precise smoke screens, a stim beacon to boost teammates' fire rate, and a powerful orbital strike, Brimstone can shape the battlefield to his team's advantage.


Your Valorant role is a big deal. It's all about discovering where you fit best and how you can help your team win. Consider what parts of the game excite you the most and what skills you bring to the table. Experiment with different roles. If something doesn't feel right, don't hesitate to change until you find your perfect Valorant role.

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