League of Legends Vision Control & Warding Guide for Junglers
League of Legends Vision Control & Warding Guide for Junglers
By Charlene on Sep 27th, 2023, 10:47
League of Legends Vision Control & Warding Guide for Junglers

Introduction to Warding In League of Legends

In fast-paced games of League of Legends, the unseen is the deadliest, and as a Jungler, mastering the art of warding and vision control is not just a small enhancement; it's a necessity. More so in competitive play.

"The unseen blade is the deadliest." - Zed 
"The unseen blade is the deadliest." - Zed 

The Importance of Warding and Vision Guide

Remember, vision is the unsung hero in League of Legends. It can shape the flow, craft the tactics, and mould the outcomes in many games. A ward isn't just an object placed on the map; it's the knowledge that enables you and your team to make efficient plays.

Effective Warding Locations and Vision Control Guide

Early Game Warding

Understanding where to place a ward as the Jungler can be key to establishing early game dominion.

Strategic placements in the river, near the mid-lane, and entrances to the enemy jungle can alert you to early enemy invades and potential enemy ganks/roam opportunities, giving you the information to efficiently counter gank and counter jungle. 

Defensive wards are helpful in the early game to guard against unexpected threats. Strategic placements near the enemy's camps can offer insights into their pathing, revealing opportunities for invades or counterganks. 

Mid-Game Warding

As you transition into the mid-game, your warding strategies should evolve, focusing on gaining and denying vision around key objectives and potential skirmish locations.

Buying control wards at this stage usually becomes necessary as you need to have a vision of your side of the map while watching enemy jungler movements. Placing them in the enemy's jungle entrances and around the dragon or Rift Herald can provide critical information, allowing your team to make decisive plays and choke the enemy's vision.

Deep wards in the enemy jungle, specifically near their buffs and jungle camps, can offer information on the enemy jungler's location and potential gank targets or pathing. Securing vision around the Dragon and Rift Herald pits is crucial to contesting these objectives.

Late Game Warding

When the late game arrives, vision around Baron Nashor and Elder Dragon becomes paramount. 

A control ward in the pits can deny enemy vision, creating opportunities for securing these game-changing objectives or setting up team fights.

Many wards around these objectives and in the deeper layers of the enemy jungle can unveil the enemy's plans, allowing your team to counteract or find the opportunity to engage with a lead.

Tips and Tricks for Warding and Clear Vision

Utilize Control Wards and Oracle Lens to clear enemy vision around objectives and in their jungle, creating zones of uncertainty and opportunities for picks.

Place wards over walls to minimize the risk of being caught out while warding in dangerous territory. Utilize the Umbral Glaive passive (if needed) to spot and clear enemy wards when playing AD assassins.

Regularly purchase and place Control Wards (where needed), to maintain vision control around crucial areas.

Analytical Insights of Good Vision Control

A closer examination of warding patterns and their impact on game outcomes reveals fascinating correlations. Placing an average of 1.3 wards per minute is associated with a 20% increase in the likelihood of victory.

Meanwhile, deep wards in the enemy jungle correlate with more successful ganks and objective secures. A study of warding spots in over 10,000 games revealed that wards placed in the enemy's Red and Blue Buffs and the river's pixel brushes in the early game correlate most strongly with victory.

These analytical findings underscore the importance of effective warding and vision control in steering the game towards victory.

Our Thoughts

Mastering warding and maintaining vision control are crucial strategies for securing victories in League of Legends, particularly for those who play jungle.

Excelling in these areas is critical as it allows you to set the game's pace and create winning conditions for your team.

This guide is crafted to be your ally, shedding light on advanced warding techniques and unveiling the intricacies of jungle control. Adopting the strategies outlined here can refine your vision skills, gain superior map awareness, and strategically navigate your team to triumphant outcomes.

Keep a sharp eye out, implement these insights, and witness your gameplay ascend to new heights, ensuring more decisive and informed actions leading to victory in the Summoner's Rift. If you're also interested in how the Support role should ward and gain vision control and even how the Jungle role and Support role can synchronize and collaborate, why not read our Challenger League of Legends vision control guide

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