How to Lurk in Valorant Like a Pro
How to Lurk in Valorant Like a Pro
By Charlene on Dec 2nd, 2023, 08:16
How to Lurk in Valorant Like a Pro

While strategies and skills are key to playing Valorant, stealth can make a difference, too. Among many strategies and playstyles in this tactical shooter, lurking holds a special place. As a seasoned Valorant player and eSports coach, I've seen firsthand how mastering lurking can turn the tides of a match. This guide to lurking will dive deep into the nuances and share insights and tips to elevate your gameplay.

Understanding Lurking in Valorant

So, what exactly is lurking in Valorant? At its core, lurking is about gathering intelligence, creating opportunities, and catching the enemy off-guard. Lurking is an effective tactic where a player quietly navigates the map, away from their team, to flank, gather information, or secure crucial kills. More than merely sneaking around the map, a great lurker thinks two steps ahead of their opponents and creates advantageous situations for their team.

Fundamentals of Effective Valorant Lurking

Effective lurking requires profound map knowledge. Familiarize yourself with each map's layout, memorize common enemy paths, and identify safe spots for hiding or quick escapes. Your movement must be deliberate and purposeful, using the environment to your advantage. Timing is critical – know when to stay hidden and when to strike.

Communication is another pillar of effective lurking. Even though you're operating solo, staying connected with your team is crucial. Share real-time intel about enemy positions and movements. But be discreet – you don't want to expose your position or intentions.

Patience is the cornerstone of lurking. Resist the urge to engage immediately; sometimes, the best play is to wait for the perfect moment. This patience often leads to high-impact plays that can turn the game in your favour.

How to Lurk Like a Pro in Valorant

Advanced lurking in Valorant is a symphony of awareness, deception, and timely execution. Here, we delve deeper into excelling as a lurker.

Get Your Team to Apply Pressure

Lurking is most effective when your team actively engages the enemy on the opposite side of the map first. As your teammates create distractions and apply pressure, the opposing team's attention is diverted, opening opportunities for you to catch the enemies off guard. Wait for these engagements to unfold, then move in quietly. Your timing here is crucial – you want to hit the enemy when they're most vulnerable, typically when they're focused on your teammates.

Mastering the Timing of Lurking

Lurking is not always the answer. Recognizing when to lurk and when to regroup and help your team is vital. If your team is struggling in direct engagements, it may be more beneficial to support them rather than continue lurking. Similarly, if the enemy is countering your lurking effectively, it might be time to adapt your strategy. Balancing lurking with team play is vital to being a versatile and effective player.

Watch Out for Enemy Traps

Be wary of enemy traps and counter-lurks around the map. As you navigate the map, always look for signs of enemy traps or ambushes. It means constantly assessing risk, predicting enemy setups, and being prepared to retreat if necessary. A good lurker knows that survival is as important as securing kills.

Don't Always Use the Exact Same Lurking Path

Rotating your lurking paths is essential. Repeatedly using the same route makes you predictable and easy to counter. Change your paths frequently to keep the enemy guessing. Explore alternative routes, even those less traveled, to create surprise attacks. The unpredictability of your movements will make you a constant threat and force the enemy to play more cautiously.


Staying Alive is paramount. As a lurker, you're a valuable source of information and backline pressure. Taking bait or engaging in unfavourable fights defeats the purpose of your role. Focus on gathering intelligence, creating opportunities for your team, and picking the right moments to strike. Remember, a living lurker is a constant threat to the enemy team.

Weapon and Agent Selection

Choosing the right equipment and agent is essential for effective lurking. Weapons that favour hit-and-run tactics are key. Opt for choices like the Spectre and Ghost, which offer a blend of stealth and mobility, essential for quick, silent attacks and retreats.

Duelists in Valorant are designed to engage and create space using their abilities. However, a duelist should avoid abandoning this role to lurk and potentially bait teammates. For effective lurking, Controllers and Sentinels are the more suitable agent choices. When selecting the best agents for lurking, consider those whose abilities enhance stealth, information gathering, and surprise attacks. Killjoy, Cypher, and Omen are top choices.

Killjoy brings a unique set of tools for lurking. Her Turret can serve as an early warning system, alerting you to enemy movements while you operate in hidden areas. Use her Alarmbot to secure flanks or alert you to enemy encroachments. Her Nanoswarm grenades are perfect for ambushing enemies who walk into your trap, dealing significant damage in a controlled area.

Cypher excels in gathering intelligence without exposing himself. His Spycam can be placed strategically to monitor enemy movements, providing valuable information while you remain concealed. His Trapwires are excellent for securing flanks, alerting you to enemy presence, slowing them down, and making them easy targets. Cypher's Cyber Cages can obscure sightlines and create confusion, allowing you to move or strike undetected.

Omen is a master of deception and mobility. His Shrouded Step ability allows swift, silent repositioning, perfect for unexpected flanks or quick escapes. His Paranoia can be used to blind enemies temporarily, giving you an advantage in engagements. Omen's Dark Cover provides strategic smoke screens that block enemy vision, enabling you to move unseen or set up ambushes.

When playing these agents, the key is to use their abilities not just for personal advantage but to create opportunities for your team. Killjoy's gadgets can control areas and provide critical information, Cypher's tools are perfect for intel and enemy manipulation, and Omen's abilities allow for dynamic play, keeping enemies guessing your location.

Coaching and Exercises for Enhanced Lurking Skills

Mastering lurking in Valorant is a journey that often benefits significantly from the guidance of a skilled Valorant coach. A coach can provide personalized exercises and drills targeting your specific needs and weaknesses. These exercises usually begin with enhancing your map knowledge, a crucial element for any successful lurker. Coaches can guide you through silent navigation exercises across different maps, helping you discover unconventional paths and hidden spots ideal for ambushes or escapes.

Beyond map familiarity, a coach can tailor drills to refine your lurking skills. Engaging in 1v1 duels under the supervision of a coach allows you to receive instant feedback and tips on your playstyle. Coaches can also create pressure scenarios, simulating real-game situations where you must quickly decide whether to engage, reposition, or escape. These drills are designed to sharpen your decision-making and movement efficiency, ensuring your lurking becomes more effective and unpredictable.

A good Valorant coach also emphasizes adapting these skills to team dynamics. They can help you understand how to synchronize your lurking activities with your team's overall strategy, ensuring that your actions contribute meaningfully to the team's objectives.

The key to these coaching sessions is to simulate real-game scenarios as closely as possible. This approach ensures that the skills and strategies you develop are directly transferable to your in-game performance, making you a more formidable lurker and a valuable asset to your team.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common pitfalls in lurking include overextending, neglecting team communication, or becoming predictable. To avoid these, always have an escape plan, keep tabs on the enemy's likely positions, and mix up your routes and strategies. Learning from your mistakes is crucial – analyze your play to understand what went wrong and how to improve at Valorant.


Lurking is a high-risk but high-reward tactic. Whether you're a beginner looking to add depth to your gameplay or an experienced player aiming for new heights, learning how to lurk effectively can impact your performance significantly. Remember, the key to success in lurking, as in Valorant itself, is constant learning and adapting. So get out there, stay hidden, and strike when the moment is right!

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