How to Improve Your Last Hitting in League of Legends
How to Improve Your Last Hitting in League of Legends
By Charlene on Dec 28th, 2023, 09:24
How to Improve Your Last Hitting in League of Legends

In League of Legends, mastering strategy, skill, and precision is essential, and one of the key skills is last hitting minions.

While it may appear simple, perfecting this technique significantly separates good players from great ones.

Many players initially focus on battling their lane opponents, often overlooking the importance of farming minions. However, observing top players reveals a critical strategy: meticulously last-hitting each minion to maximize gold accumulation, thereby gaining a considerable advantage in the game.

This approach, once adopted, can dramatically transform a player's performance in League of Legends.

Understanding the Importance of Last Hitting

To set a goal of improving your CS, you need to know that a perfect CS at 10 minutes into the game is generally around 120.

At its core, last hitting a minion is about knowing how much damage is enough to kill it, ensuring you receive gold for the kill. But why is it so crucial? In League of Legends, gold is the lifeline that allows you to buy items, enhance your abilities, and gain an edge over your opponents.

Efficient last hitting ensures a steady gold income, keeping you competitive throughout the game.

Imagine this: You're in a closely contested match, and every bit of gold counts. By mastering the art of last hitting, you allow yourself to purchase that crucial item just a bit faster than your opponent, tipping the scales in your favor.

Tips and Tricks for Last Hitting and Improving Creep Score

Timing and Anticipation for the Perfect Hit

Timing your last hits is not just about reacting to minion health bars; it's about predicting the future state of the battlefield. Start by observing the health of the minions and the rate at which it decreases.

It involves understanding the damage output of your minions and anticipating when their attacks will land. A good practice is to watch the cadence of your minion's attacks and synchronize your strike for the kill. It's a rhythm game within the larger strategy of League of Legends.

Additionally, anticipate enemy interference. Sometimes, it's about outsmarting your lane opponent as much as it is about hitting minions. Practice in different scenarios, including under pressure, to develop a keen sense of the perfect hit.

Positioning and Zoning for Effective Last Hitting

Effective last hitting is as much about your position on the lane as it is about striking minions. Good positioning enables you to CS while minimizing vulnerability to enemy attacks. It's a balance between being aggressive enough to farm effectively and cautious enough to avoid enemy jungler gank or harassment.

Learn the essentials of zoning and control the space around you to dictate the terms of engagement. It means knowing when to stand back and when to assert your presence to deter the enemy from denying your farm. Also, be mindful of the terrain and use it to your advantage. Positioning near bushes, for instance, can provide opportunities for surprise attacks or quick retreats. As you improve, you'll learn to read the lane dynamics and adjust your position fluidly.

Utilizing Keybinds for Precision and Speed

Keybinds are crucial for enhancing your reaction time and precision in last hitting. The default settings might not suit your style, so it's important to experiment with different configurations. Find a setup that allows you to comfortably switch between moving, attacking, and using abilities. Top players never solely rely on clicking as it's slow and can lead to misclicks. Remember, the goal is to minimize the time between decision and action. 

It's also beneficial to have keybinds for camera control, enabling quick glances at other parts of the map without losing focus on your lane. Effective keybinding is like tuning an instrument — it should feel natural and facilitate your gameplay rhythm.

Practicing With Non Autoattack-Based Champions

Practicing last hitting with champions that rely more on abilities than basic attacks can vastly improve your precision and adaptability in the early game, where you start with low levels and few items. These champions have no auto-attack augmentation, stack, or passive and often have different attack animations and speeds, challenging you to develop a deeper understanding of timing and damage output.

This practice not only enhances your skill with a wider range of champions but also prepares you for situations where you can't rely solely on auto attacks for last hitting, such as when under enemy pressure or crowd control effects. Furthermore, it teaches you about mana management, as you'll need to balance ability use for last hitting with preserving mana for potential engagements.

Mastering Last Hitting Under the Turret

Last hitting under your tower is a scenario you'll frequently encounter, and mastering it is crucial. It's all about understanding the tower's attack pattern and damage. Generally, melee minions can take two tower shots and be ripe for a last hit, while caster minions typically require some pre-damage before the tower hits them. Learning to assess and adjust to these patterns quickly is key.

Additionally, consider your champion's abilities to supplement tower damage when necessary. This skill is particularly important because it can significantly mitigate the advantage an opponent might gain from pushing you under your tower. Practice in custom games or practice tool by allowing waves to push to your tower and focusing solely on killing minions under pressure.

Utilizing Attack Damage Items

Early investment in attack damage items can simplify the process of last hitting. These items increase your damage output, allowing for a wider margin of error in timing your strikes. However, it's crucial to balance this with your overall build strategy. Sometimes, a defensive or utility item might be more beneficial for your game plan, even if it makes last hitting slightly more challenging.

Consider your champion's scaling and the matchup when deciding your early item purchases. Remember, the goal is to build effectively for the game while ensuring you can farm efficiently. This decision-making is a nuanced aspect of League strategy, and getting it right can give you a significant edge in lane.

Understanding Your Champion's Abilities

Each champion in League of Legends has a unique set of abilities, and understanding how these can aid in last hitting is crucial. Some champions have abilities specifically designed to make farming easier, like AoE (Area of Effect) spells that can hit multiple minions simultaneously and clear minion waves fast. Others have passive abilities that enhance their auto-attacks.

It's important to know these abilities and understand the best times to use them. For instance, using an ability too early might leave minions with just enough health to escape, while using it too late might waste mana or an opportunity. Balance and timing are key. Regular practice with your chosen champions will help you get a feel for how their abilities can best be utilized in different farming scenarios.

Incorporating Last Hitting into Overall Strategy

Instead of a standalone skill, last hitting is a crucial part of your broader game strategy. It's about balancing the act of farming with map awareness and team objectives. For instance, when should you prioritize farming over joining a team fight? The answer often lies in understanding the game's current state and your role in it. During the laning phase, focus on farming efficiently while keeping an eye out for opportunities to support your team. As the game progresses, adapt your last hitting tactics to suit the game's pace and your team's needs.

Tools and Resources for Getting Better at Last Hitting

There are numerous resources available to help you improve your last hitting skills. Look for LoL coaching services, video guides, and interactive tools designed to enhance this aspect of your gameplay. Some websites and apps offer drills and simulations tailored to last hitting practice.

Additionally, hiring a professional coach to review your gameplay footage can be incredibly enlightening. They identify moments where you missed last hitting opportunities and help you understand what you could have done differently.


Last hitting is a fundamental skill in League of Legends that can significantly impact your gameplay.

By mastering this skill, you improve your personal performance and contribute more effectively to your team's success. Remember, like any skill, it requires practice and patience to perfect. Keep practicing, stay consistent, and don't be afraid to learn from each game.

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