Best Tips and Tricks for Playing Brimstone in Valorant
Best Tips and Tricks for Playing Brimstone in Valorant
By Roger on Apr 12th, 2024, 03:40
Best Tips and Tricks for Playing Brimstone in Valorant

Introduction to How to Play Brimstone

Welcome to our Valorant Brimstone guide. Whether you're a new Brimstone player or looking to improve, you're in the right place! 

As an agent in Valorant, Brimstone stands out with his ability to control the game's tempo whilst introducing some brilliant tactical advantages with his kit. 

This guide will cover everything from basic abilities to advanced strategies, ensuring you'll be ready to take your Brimstone gameplay to the next level after reading.

First things first, let's jump into his abilities. 

Brimstone Abilities Explained

C - Stim Beacon

INSTANTLY toss down a stim beacon. Upon landing, it creates a field that grants players a Combat Stim and a Speed Boost.

Q - Incendiary

EQUIP an incendiary grenade launcher. FIRE to launch a grenade that detonates as it comes to rest on the floor, creating a lingering fire zone that damages players within the zone.

E - Sky Smoke

EQUIP a tactical map. FIRE to set locations where Brimstone's smoke clouds will land. ALT FIRE to confirm, launching long-lasting smoke clouds that block vision in the selected area.

X - Orbital Strike

EQUIP a tactical map. FIRE to launch a lingering orbital strike laser at the selected location, dealing high damage overtime to players caught in the selected area.

How to Use Brimstone Abilities Effectively


Brimstone’s Incendiary is one of the most powerful area-denial abilities in Valorant. It launches an incendiary grenade that deploys a damaging field of fire.

The key to using this ability effectively is anticipation. Place it in choke points or common plant spots to disrupt enemy plans. It's also excellent for post-plant situations where it can prevent defusing.

The trick is to learn the timing and trajectory to place the fire precisely where you want it.

Sky Smoke

Sky Smoke is one of Brimstone's signature abilities and is excellent for controlling entry points.

This ability's success lies in its strategic placement. Use it to obscure enemy sightlines, create safe passages for your team, or fake strategies.

A good Brimstone player will communicate with the team to ensure the smokes are placed where they are most needed. These smokes can also be used defensively to hinder enemy pushes or protect teammates.

For Brimstone, lineups are essential for effectively using his Sky Smoke and Incendiary abilities. Players often practice specific lineups or get Valorant coaching for these abilities to ensure they land in key areas of the map, whether it's to block the enemy's line of sight, deny access, or control a choke point.

Stim Beacon

The Stim Beacon is a unique ability that provides a rapid-fire rate buff of Brimstone and his allies within its radius. Its best use is during team fights.

Drop it during a fight to give your team a nice buff. It's also useful when you're expecting an enemy push. However, be cautious, as it can signal your position to the enemy. To sum up, it’s all about finding the right balance and timing.

Orbital Strike

Orbital Strike, Brimstone’s ultimate, is a game-changer when used correctly. This ability calls in a strike on a selected area, which is excellent for clearing out enemies or denying areas.

Use it to remove enemies from positions, stop a spike plant, or defuse.

Using Orbital Strike correctly requires good map knowledge and timing. The key is to predict enemy movements and strike where they're most vulnerable.

Effective Ability Combos with Brimstone

Brimstone's abilities are mostly AoE (Area of Effect). Therefore, combining Brimstone's abilities can lead to powerful results. A popular Brimstone combo is using Sky Smoke together with Orbital Strike.

To do this, place Sky Smoke in crucial areas to limit enemy vision and use Orbital Strike in a nearby high-traffic area. This forces enemies into a dilemma (stay and risk the strike or move and potentially fall into your team’s line of fire).

Another great combo involves using Incendiary with Stim Beacon. Deploy the Stim Beacon strategically, and then use Incendiary to flush enemies into your team's enhanced line of fire. This combo is particularly effective in narrow corridors or chokepoints.

Brimstone's Role as a Controller in Valorant

Controllers in Valorant are specialists in slicing up dangerous territory to set their team up for success. Brimstone excels in this role through his unique ability set, which allows him to control sightlines, manage enemy movement, and provide strategic support to his team.

Brimstone's primary responsibility as a Controller is creating safe pathways for his team. Using his Sky Smoke ability, he can effectively block enemy sightlines, which is crucial during attacking and defending scenarios. This ability allows his team to move freely without being picked off by enemy snipers or lurkers. A well-placed smoke can differentiate between a successful site take and a failed attempt.

Another significant aspect of Brimstone's role is area denial. When used correctly, his Incendiary ability can prevent enemy pushes or delay their push. It is beneficial in post-plant situations where delaying the enemy can lead to round wins.

Brimstone can force enemies out of comfortable positions, making them easy targets for his teammates. This ability to control space makes Brimstone an asset in any team composition.

Brimstone's Stim Beacon offers an advantage in team fights as Brimstone can tilt skirmishes in his team's favour by boosting the fire rate of himself and his allies. This ability is excellent when defending a site or holding a post-plant position, however, it requires good judgement to be used effectively, as it can reveal position. Still, its advantages in a firefight can outweigh the risks.

Lastly, Brimstone's Orbital Strike can be a round-defining ability. Used wisely, it can stop plants, defuse, or force enemies out of critical positions. 

Brimstone Tips for Weapon Choices

When selecting the right weapons for Brimstone in Valorant, it's essential to consider how they align with his role as a Controller and his ability to shape the game.

Brimstone's toolkit, designed for area control and strategic positioning, pairs well with weapons that allow him to hold angles, control chokepoints, and support his team effectively.

The rifles, notably the Vandal and Phantom, are excellent for Brimstone. These weapons balance firepower and accuracy, which is crucial for engagements at various ranges. With its one-shot headshot potential at all ranges, the Vandal suits Brimstone’s playstyle of holding angles and controlling sightlines. It allows him to make the most of his strategic smokes by picking off enemies who wander through or around them. On the other hand, the Phantom, with its higher fire rate and lower recoil, is ideal for close to mid-range skirmishes, especially when Brimstone is using his Stim Beacon to enhance fire rates.

Additionally, the Guardian can be suitable for players who prefer a more supportive role. Its semi-automatic nature and high damage output make it an excellent weapon for holding tight angles and providing support from a distance. This weapon allows Brimstone to play more passively, focusing on controlling areas with his abilities while delivering precise shots when needed.

In scenarios where the economy plays a crucial role, weapons like the Spectre or Bulldog become viable choices. The Spectre, with its high rate of fire and mobility, works well in close to mid-range combat, particularly in aggressive plays or fast rotations. The Bulldog also offers a burst-fire mode that can be effective for mid-range engagements, aligning well with Brimstone's ability to control space and create opportunities for engagement.

Weapon choice should align with individual playstyle and team strategy. The player's skill and comfort level in using a specific weapon are crucial for maximizing their impact in-game.

Brimestone in Different Game Modes

Whether you're attacking, defending, or playing in Spike Rush, Brimstone's versatility shines. Remember, adapting his abilities to suit the game mode is crucial.

For example, during an attack, he uses his smoke to block enemy sightlines and secure the site. On defence, he used his Incendiary and Orbital Strikes to delay pushes or retake sites.

In each mode, Brimstone has a unique role to play.

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