10 Proven Steps to Become a Pro Valorant Player
10 Proven Steps to Become a Pro Valorant Player
By Charlene on Dec 11th, 2023, 07:36
10 Proven Steps to Become a Pro Valorant Player

In the Esports and pro gaming scene, Valorant stands out, captivating gamers with its strategic depth, fast-paced action, and the glory of reaching the top level of play.

If you want to become a Valorant pro player, get ready for a journey that's as challenging as it is rewarding. Before starting the journey of going pro, it's crucial to know what professional Valorant teams are looking for from skilled players.

Qualities like excellent communication, professional-level game knowledge, a positive and adaptable mindset, strategic thinking, and consistent performance under pressure are essential. This article is your roadmap, detailing the 10 steps to go pro in Valorant and make it to the top.

Hire a Professional Coach

Whether you're set on specific goals of playing Valorant or need a little push to keep going, getting help from a professional Valorant coach can make a huge difference. A coach brings more than just game knowledge; they offer personalized feedback, tailored strategies, and a perspective honed through experience. A good Valorant coach can pinpoint your weaknesses, enhance your strengths, and provide a structured approach to your training. Getting a coach on board usually means you'll get better at the game much quicker. You'll see fast improvements in your skills, helping you get ahead of other players trying to become a pro in Valorant. Even the best athletes in the world have coaches. Why should Esports be any different?

Improve Skills and Reach Radiant

Playing ranked games until you reach the Radiant rank in Valorant is a testament to your skill level and understanding of the game. It involves honing your mechanical skills, improving aim and reflexes and developing a deep strategic understanding of the game. Study the maps, learn the nuances of different agents, and keep abreast of the meta. Practice consistently, but also reflect on your gameplay to identify areas for improvement. Reaching Radiant should be your goal and a sign of your readiness for the professional arena.

Build Your Network

Networking in the Valorant community is about creating opportunities and building relationships. Engage with other players, join online communities, and participate in discussions. Attend local tournaments and Esports events to meet players and industry professionals, which can be often found in universities, high schools, LAN gaming centers, etc. Networking gets you closer to finding a team; while doing so, you're experiencing the Valorant culture and learning from others. Your network can be one of your greatest assets in your journey to becoming a pro.

Participate in Tournaments

Tournaments are where skills are tested, and reputations are built. Participating in Valorant tournaments, big or small, online or offline, gives you a taste of the competitive environment. It's where you apply what you've learned, adapt to high-pressure situations, and showcase your talent. Winning is great, but participating is what counts. Each tournament is a learning experience, a chance to see where you stand and what needs to be improved. So, sign up, show up, and give it your all.

Attend Open Tryouts

Open tryouts are your gateway to joining professional teams. They are not just about displaying your skills but also showing your ability to join a team, your attitude, and your potential to grow. Prepare thoroughly for these tryouts – research the teams, understand their playstyle, and tailor your approach accordingly. Tryouts are as much about talent as they are about fit. Show the teams that you're a great player and the right player for the team.

Join Scrimmages and PUGs

Scrims and pick-up games (PUGs) offer invaluable practical experience. They simulate real match conditions, allowing you to apply strategies, test your skills against different players, and learn to adapt on the fly. It is where theory meets practice. PUGs also help build teamwork and communication skills – essential attributes for any professional player. Use these games as a platform for continuous learning and improvement and become a more potent candidate for teams.

Create a Player Profile/CV

Your player profile or gaming CV is your professional introduction to the Esports scene. It should highlight your skills, achievements, rank, and notable tournament participation. This list of accomplishments reflects your competitive edge and passion for Valorant. Make it compelling, honest, and reflective of who you are as a player. This document could be your ticket to getting noticed by teams and sponsors, so invest time in making it stand out.

Reach Out to Team Managers

Connecting with team managers and presenting yourself as a potential candidate for their team requires both courage and strategy. Tailor your approach for each team, understand their roster needs, style, and how you can add value. Communicate professionally and be clear about your achievements and aspirations. Persistence and patience are key, as is respect for their time and decisions. It's about finding the right fit for both you and the team.

Develop Professional Esports Player Habits

Professional Esports players have picked up a lot of good habits along the way. To become one, start by acting like one. Those good habits include a disciplined practice schedule, a focus on physical and mental health, and a continuous pursuit of knowledge about the game. They analyze their gameplay, stay updated with the latest patches and strategies, and always look for ways to improve. Emulating these habits will improve your gameplay and prepare you for the lifestyle of a professional Esports athlete.

Content Creation and Online Presence

In today's digital age, having an online presence can significantly boost your career prospects. Create content that showcases your skills, personality, and insights into Valorant. Stream how you play the game, make instructional videos, or write articles. Many players become part-time streamers on Twitch while looking for Esports teams. Engage with your audience and build a community around your brand. An active online presence can attract the attention of teams and sponsors.


Turning into a pro Valorant player requires you to put in the effort, stay committed, and always be ready to pick up new skills and strategies. Every step you take, as described in this article, gets you one step closer to your goal of going pro in Valorant. The whole experience means even more than the end goal – tackling challenges, celebrating when you do well, learning from times when you don't, and, most of all, having fun with the game. For many Valorant players, the game is what they're passionate about, a big part of their life, and a way to achieve something extraordinary. So, get ready, set your sights high, and start your journey to becoming a professional Valorant player!

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