The Best Ways to Improve Your Aim in Valorant
The Best Ways to Improve Your Aim in Valorant
By Charlene on Nov 10th, 2023, 06:41
The Best Ways to Improve Your Aim in Valorant

Understand the Basics of Aiming in an FPS Game

Every Valorant player knows the thrill of a well-placed shot and the agony of a miss that could have changed the game.

This guide delves deep into the techniques that transform average aimers into feared sharpshooters.

Whether you're taking your first steps in Valorant or a veteran looking to refine your aim skills, the path to precision is one we all walk.

And is this article, we'll explore aiming where every movement and decision paints the outcome of your match. So, get ready to improve your aim and discover how precision can take your game from good to legendary.

Analyze Your Current Aiming Technique

True growth in Valorant begins with a thorough understanding of your current skills. It's crucial to become your own most observant critic, taking a step back to watch your gameplay with an analytical eye.

Look at your aim in slow motion if you can. For example, are your movements too erratic or too slow? Are you leading your shots, or are they trailing behind your targets?

By using aim analysis software, you can quantify your accuracy, tracking speed, and reaction times. We recommend combining this data with self-reflection to begin crafting a personalized path to improvement, as self-awareness is an invaluable guide to a better aim.

Practice in Aim Trainers

Aim trainers are not just another game but your private tutors in Valorant. They offer a controlled environment where you can isolate aiming skills and drill them to perfection.

Engage with various scenarios that challenge every aspect of your aim – from flick shots to tracking moving targets. It's not about playing until your hand aches; it's about intelligent, targeted aim training.

Set clear goals for each session, such as increasing your flick shot accuracy by a certain percentage or reducing your time to target. With each session, aim trainers can help you refine the precision and speed of your shots, turning you into a more formidable player every time you log in.

Customize Crosshairs and Improve Crosshair Placement

Your crosshair is a fixed point on your screen that helps you aim and shoot accurately in Valorant.

Take time to go into the game settings and tailor your crosshair to your liking. Adjust its colour, size, and opacity to make sure it stands out against the varying backgrounds you'll encounter.

But remember, a crosshair is only as good as its placement. Learn to keep your crosshair where you expect enemies to emerge. Anticipate their movements – aim where they will be for headshots.

A well-placed crosshair reduces the distance your mouse needs to move to hit a target, which increases your reaction time, so keep it at head level and adapt to the terrain; your crosshair placement is a silent factor in many of your in-game victories.

Strafe and Counter Strafe

To strafe means to move sideways; in Valorant, it's how you dodge bullets. It's about moving side to side, making yourself a challenging target. But to master it, you need to understand counter-strafing, the technique that steadies your shot.

Counter-strafing is when you quickly stop by tapping the movement key in the opposite direction, halting your momentum and stabilizing your aim for a precise shot. This combination is a dynamic skill that makes you hard to hit and gives your shots their best chance to land.

We recommend spending time practising your strafe and counter-strafe in different scenarios: For example, rushing a site, retreating under fire, or repositioning for a better angle. Once mastered, it will improve your aim and overall gameplay as you confidently move smoothly and shoot.

Warm Up in the Range Before Ranked Games

Before playing Competitive, the Range is where you sharpen your reflexes and align your aim. It's essential to develop a routine that mimics the intensity of a real match.

Practice snapping to targets, controlling recoil, and hitting those moving bots. The goal here is not just to warm up your hands but also your eyes and your mind.

Get into the habit of visualizing your success in the Range and carry that focus into your games and consider the time spent here an investment, with each click and each target hit building the foundation of your in-game aim accuracy.

Play Deathmatch

Deathmatch is the game mode where you temper your aiming skills in the fires of constant engagement. You're thrown into a random map with a random agent.

Many players use this mode to refine aiming under pressure, experiment with different techniques, and build resilience. Deathmatch isn't just about racking up kills; it's about learning from each encounter, adjusting your strategies, and applying this knowledge to elevate your competitive play. Embrace the pace and let each round refine your skills a little more.

Leverage Valorant Coaching

Valorant coaching isn't just for pro players; it's for anyone serious about improvement.

Valorant coaching can propel your gameplay to new heights. A coach provides personalized feedback and creates a structured plan for your improvement. With services like VOD reviews and tailored aim improvement plans, they can dissect your gameplay, identify weaknesses in your blind spots, and provide targeted advice to enhance your aim and tactics.

Coaching is about creating a partnership where their knowledge and experience become tools for your development, helping you evolve into the player you aspire to be.

Upgrade Keyboard and Mouse, Adjust Settings

Choosing the right hardware is just as important. Your mouse should be an extension of your arm, responding to your slightest movements with precision.

Your keyboard should stand up to your quickest reactions. And then there's the matter of settings – finding the proper DPI and mouse sensitivity is a personal quest. You want to aim with fluidity but also with control. And don't overlook the importance of a high fps; the smoother the game runs, the more accurately you can track your opponents. Find the settings that work for you; your shots will land more consistently.

Learn From Professional Players' Aiming Habits

A wealth of knowledge can be gained from studying those at the top of their game. Professional Valorant players have refined their aiming through hours of practice and competition. Watch their streams, analyze their matches, and take notes on their positioning, crosshair placement, and decision-making. But don't just mimic – adapt. Take the principles that make the pros successful and integrate them into your style. This will help you develop an effective and unique aiming style.

Practice Daily to Build Muscle Memory

Discipline is the cornerstone of any great Valorant player's regime. Establishing a daily practice routine that covers various aspects of aiming and movement will engrain these actions into your muscle memory.

Dedicate time to different types of training – from aim trainers to in-game exercises. Focus on consistency and gradual improvement rather than overnight success. Over time, the motions of aiming and reacting in Valorant will become second nature, allowing you to focus more on strategy and less on the mechanics of your shots.

Common Aiming Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Every player has bad habits, but the best players recognize and rectify them. It might be overshooting the target, reacting too slowly, or poor crosshair tracking. But within each mistake lies the key to improving at Valorant.

Take the time to understand why these errors occur and implement drills to correct them. You may need to lower your sensitivity or relax your grip on the mouse. If you aren't sure about what's wrong, resort to an outside perspective like a professional Valorant coach. Address these issues with patience and practice, and you'll turn your aiming weaknesses into strengths.


The journey to exceptional aim in Valorant is challenging and rewarding. We've ventured through comprehensive strategies to fine-tune your aim, from the technicalities of hardware and settings to the subtleties of in-game mechanics and practice.

It's a path of continuous learning and dedication. With the insights and techniques shared here, you're now armed to take your aim to new heights. Remember, the target isn't just to hit the enemy; it's to become a player who strikes with intention and precision, round after round, match after match.

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