Valorant Agents Tier List in Patch 7.12: Who's OP and Who's Not
Valorant Agents Tier List in Patch 7.12: Who's OP and Who's Not
By Charlene on Jan 6th, 2024, 08:09
Valorant Agents Tier List in Patch 7.12: Who's OP and Who's Not

Hey Valorant players! Are you eager to climb the ranks and dominate your matches?

Well, you're in luck! We've got the latest scoop on the best Valorant agents to pick following the recent Patch 7.12 (the last patch of Valorant Episode 7 Act 3).

Let's dive into who's ruling the game and who's not quite cutting it.

S-Tier Valorant Agents

Jett: One of the best agents in Valorant. Pro players love this superstar, and so will you. She's fast, elusive, and perfect for those who love to make an impact.

Killjoy: The strategic genius is once again among the S-tier agents. Her skills in defending sites are unmatched. 

Skye: Despite some recent nerfs, Skye's still shining bright. Her flashes and vision control are real game-changers.

Omen: The master of smokes with both a high pick rate and win rate. In competitive play, Omen is your go-to guy for controlling sight lines.

A-Tier Valorant Agents

Sova: He has been a consistent top-tier Agent since Valorant's beta days. His reconnaissance abilities provide invaluable intel, making him a strategic asset in any team.

Cypher: The ultimate site defender and lurker catcher. His surveillance tools are crucial for well-coordinated teams, especially in professional play.

Raze: A bit challenging to master, but once you do, she's a powerhouse. Great in chaotic fights and a solid pick for Duelists when Jett isn't available.

Viper: Her utility has seen ups and downs with various buffs and nerfs. Still, she's a formidable force on certain maps, capable of significantly impacting the game's flow.

Chamber: He dominated the meta for a good part of 2023. Although he's seen a slight decline, he remains a top pick for precision and control.

B-Tier Valorant Agents

Brimstone: His utility is somewhat limited, and certain aspects like loud footsteps and weaker smokes put him at a disadvantage compared to others.

Sage Known for her defensive capabilities, Sage can effectively disrupt the enemy's flow. She's particularly valuable when paired with the right Agents and on specific maps.

Reyna: Ideal for solo players aiming for highlight-worthy plays. In solo queue, she's a force to be reckoned with, though Jett and Raze often outshine her in competitive setups.

Astra: She offers strategic smokes and abilities but is complex to play and relies heavily on team support.

Kay/0: A relatively new addition, he brings utility but needs to distinguish himself enough to rise higher in the tier list.

Breach: While self-sufficient and decent at site control, he's somewhat outpaced by other Agents in his role.

C-Tier Valorant Agents

Phoenix: Aggressive and upfront, Phoenix requires skillful play to shine. His toolkit is potent but demands high proficiency to be effective.

Neon: Like Phoenix, she's a strong duelist but is often overlooked in favor of Jett, Raze, and Reyna.

Fade: Sees some play in Competitive and Ranked but is map-specific and fits only in certain scenarios.

Iso: This newest agent is still finding his footing in the game's competitive landscape.

Gekko: Awaiting a buff in Patch 7.12; he's currently less favored due to previous nerfs.

D-Tier Valorant Agents

Yoru: His toolkit is less useful compared to other Agents, and most players have figured out how to counter him effectively.

Harbour: He never quite peaked in the meta, and his abilities don't match up well against other Agents.

Deadlock: Despite recent buffs, she hasn't seen a significant rise in popularity or effectiveness.

These tier placements highlight each Agent's strengths and weaknesses in the current Valorant meta. Keep in mind that the game's balance can shift with new patches, so staying updated is critical to leveraging each Agent's potential to the fullest.

Stay Informed on Valorant Tier List

Remember, the best agents in the game are always changing. Keep an eye on updates and patches, as today's underdog could be tomorrow's champion. Happy gaming, and may your aim be true! 🎮🏆

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