Top 10 Rarest League of Legends Skins of 2024
Top 10 Rarest League of Legends Skins of 2024
By Roger on Apr 12th, 2024, 04:18
Top 10 Rarest League of Legends Skins of 2024

In League of Legends, skins do more than change the appearance of champions—they let players showcase their style.

However, as the game nears its 15th anniversary, numerous skins have been retired, making them impossible to purchase anymore.

In this article, we'll explore the charm of these skins and reveal the top ten rarest.

#10 Mythic Variant Skins

The #10 spot is occupied by a group of mythic variant skins, which are upgrades to existing legendary skins.

Players can purchase these skins only through Riot's levelling/masterwork chest system and only during limited-time special events (2 patches long on average). The upside, however, is that Mythic skins are said to increase the value of your LoL account as collectors crave them!  

You'll need over $200 to add just one to your collection.

Current Mythic Variant skins:

  • Dark Cosmic Jhin: Jhin Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin
  • True Damage Ekko: Breakout True Damage Ekko
  • Heavenscale Lee Sin: Divine Heavenscale Lee Sin
  • High Noon Yone: Peacemaker High Noon Yone

#9 Rusty Blitzcrank

Released only a few months after the game's official release, Rusty Blitzcrank is a vintage legacy skin swiftly withdrawn from the shop permanently after its initial release.

The skin and splash art lacked quality and visual appeal compared to other League skins, so Riot didn't hesitate to retire Rusty Blitzcrank after only a few weeks.

Given the limited number of players who purchased this skin during its brief window of availability, Rusty Blitzcrank has proven to be a rare gem in recent years, making it a true collector's item.

#8 Triumphant Ryze

Triumphant Ryze is one of the most exclusive League of Legends skins. Riot gave it to players who won a Riot-sponsored tournament.

Despite the game's global popularity and the presence of local tournaments, Riot directly supports very few of them, making this skin extremely difficult to unlock.

Furthermore, it was never purchasable through the in-game store or craftable through Hextech Crafting, making it an exceptionally sought-after collectable.

#7 Judgment Kayle

Seeing a Kayle equipped with this skin in one of your games is a sign of a true veteran who has played League for over a decade.

Judgment Kayle was awarded 2011 to any player who completed ten or more ranked games during the first season.

Although reasonably easy to acquire then, this skin was never rereleased or made obtainable, making it unique and rare.

In addition, League of Legends had a much smaller fan base in 2011, so fewer accounts had this skin unlocked in the first place.

#6 Victorious Jarvan IV

Much like Judgment Kayle, this skin is a glimpse of the old days of League and was released as a ranked reward skin in season one.

Victorious Jarvan IV is the first in its skin line, given to players who achieved Gold or higher in solo/duo during the first ranked season.

Besides being a legacy skin over ten years old, Victorious Jarvan was difficult to unlock at the time, as it was much harder for an average player to reach Gold than today.

#5 Riot Squad Singed

The Riot Squad Singed was a limited-time exclusive skin only available through redeemable codes to the physical attendees of Gamescom 2010.

Even though the skin's appearance and effects are plain and unimpressive, the skin is generally adored because of its signature Riot shield and recoloured trail.

Pair that with the fact that every Riot Squad Singed code has already been redeemed or expired, and you have several hundred-dollar collectables.

#4 King Rammus

King Rammus is one of the most unique skins ever released in the game. It celebrates the dedication of the League's player base to improving and maintaining the game.

To be more precise, King Rammus was gifted to anyone who has participated in League's open beta testing.

As you can imagine, only a handful of players were aware of the game's existence back in 2009, let alone had the chance to try it in beta, which makes King Rammus truly one of the kings when mentioning skin rarity.

#3 Young Ryze/Silver Kayle/Black Alistar

Like King Rammus, these skins were obtainable by players who paid close attention to League of Legends, released in 2009.

The game's initial release was paired with a special promotion: Players who pre-ordered the Collector's Edition of League of Legends received free codes to access Young Ryze, Black Alistar, and Silver Kayle.

The Collector's Edition of the game was a limited-time offer during this promotion, which resulted in these skins becoming a rare find in the League of Legends community.

#2 PAX Jax/ PAX Sivir

Penny Arcade Expo, or PAX, is a series of worldwide gaming festivals.

Finding yourself at the right PAX at the right time was required if you wanted to get your hands on either PAX Sivir or PAX Jax back in 2010 and 2011. That's because these skins were exclusively distributed as free codes to attendees at specific editions of these gaming expos.

However, since not everyone played League of Legends among the attendees, thousands of these codes expired, making PAX Jax and PAX Sivir among the most covetable and valuable skins in League of Legends history.

#1 PAX Twisted Fate

Regarding the rarest and most prestigious skin in League of Legends, there is no dispute that PAX Twisted Fate reigns as the supreme king.

Although there is very little to separate Twisted Fate from Sivir and Jax, the skin's release date is an important detail that makes it more difficult to find. Unlike Sivir and Jax, PAX TF was released a year before, in 2009, making it even more obscure and difficult to find.

For this reason, very few accounts owning PAX Twisted Fate ever appear on the market, and those fortunate enough demand a significantly higher fee than any other skin in League of Legends.

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