League of Legends Coaching Debunked: Myths vs. Reality
League of Legends Coaching Debunked: Myths vs. Reality
By Charlene on Aug 16th, 2023, 09:00
League of Legends Coaching Debunked: Myths vs. Reality


League of Legends (LoL) stands out as a behemoth in Esports. As competition intensifies, players often turn to coaching for that extra edge.

Yet, misconceptions abound. Through personal experience and data-backed insights, let's journey to separate myth from reality.

Myth 1: Only Newbies Need Coaching

Many players wonder if League coaching is worth it, and some even consider coaching for beginners only, such as a hand-holding exercise until they find their footing. 

Reality: Even the most seasoned players who've tasted the glory of Challenger have coaches by their side. Why? Because a fresh perspective, a critical eye, can find nuances and strategies even a veteran might miss.

Myth 2: Coaching Only Focuses on Gameplay Mechanics

At first glance, League of Legends is about skill shots, farming, and objectives. But dive deeper, and it's a complex strategy game. 

Reality:  A competent coach doesn't just refine your mechanics but sharpens your strategic insight, teaching you the art of decision-making (also known as macro).

Myth 3: A High Elo Coach Will Instantly Make You Better

Many players dive into coaching expecting instant results, equating a coach's high Elo with guaranteed success. 

Reality:  Improvement is a journey in the game. The right coach provides the map, but the trek is yours. Beyond skill, the rapport and mutual understanding between coach and player play a pivotal role.

Myth 4: Coaches Only Recap What Went Wrong in Matches

The image of a coach is often one who nitpicks mistakes post-match. 

Reality: Proactive coaching is about setting goals, understanding the evolving meta, and formulating strategies even before the match begins. It's about preparing you for what's to come, not just critiquing what's passed.

Myth 5: Personalized Coaching is Expensive and Inaccessible

Many are deterred from seeking coaching, associating it with high fees. 

Reality: The digital age has democratized coaching. LoL coaching platforms like ours offer affordable sessions and even free intros. Quality guidance is within reach for anyone passionate about climbing the ranks.

Myth 6: With All the Free Content Online, Coaching is Redundant

"Why hire a coach when YouTube and Reddit are brimming with guides for every champion and role?" It's a common theme. 

Reality: While online resources are invaluable, they offer generalized advice. A good League of Legends coach provides bespoke strategies tailored to your unique strengths, weaknesses, and gameplay style.

Myth 7: Coaching Can Compromise My Unique Playing Style

A fear lingers: Will the coach mold players into a standardized template, stripping away their unique flair? 

Reality: A good coach recognizes and harnesses individuality. They refine and channel your style, ensuring it's both practical and yours.


Static beliefs can be your downfall in a realm as dynamic as LoL. Coaching, far from the misconceptions, can be the catalyst propelling you to new heights. As someone who's benefitted immensely from it, I encourage every aspiring player to approach coaching with an open, informed mind.

Have you encountered these myths? Or others not mentioned here? Please share your experiences. After all, every player's journey is unique, filled with challenges and epiphanies.

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