League of Legends 2024 MMR and LP Changes
League of Legends 2024 MMR and LP Changes
By Roger on Apr 12th, 2024, 01:16
League of Legends 2024 MMR and LP Changes

In this article, we will discuss the future of MMR in League of Legends using Riot's recent exciting information! 

However, before that, we must understand the current MMR system, including its negatives and opportunities. 

The Current MMR and Ranked System in League of Legends

MMR stands for matchmaking rating. It impacts the gameplay quality of the enemies you face and your allies. 

It was created to allow players of equal skill levels to compete against each other. 

Here's the rundown: 

  • Your rating goes up if you win, your rating goes down when you lose.
  • Your account's MMR impacts the League Points(LP) it receives when you win ranked games.
  • If your MMR is lower than your rank, you will gain less than 25LP. If your MMR is equal to or higher than your rank, you will gain more than 28LP.
  • Unlike in previous seasons, players are matched with similar visible rank opponents and allies. Matchmaking is not entirely connected to MMR.
  • After demotion, players are placed at 50LP.
  • Demotions, dodges, and decays don't have any impact on your MMR.

Why Is the Current MMR System Bad?

Supposedly, a few reasons! 

  • You earn and lose MMR depending on your wins and losses; nothing is related to your in-game performance. Because of that, some players believe "lucky" players can achieve high ranks, whereas "unlucky" players with higher skill levels can get stuck.
  • The MMR system is not synchronized with the Division/Ranks system; therefore, there are many cases in which accounts gain too low LP and lose too much.

How To Fix MMR and Fix LP gains

These are some tips to increase MMR, but Riot only confirms this by winning more games than you lose.

  • Decay: In apex tiers, letting your account decay instantly lowers your account rank more than its MMR, increasing your LP gains.
  • Don't Duo: When you duo, the MMR you gain decreases as you play with a premade. Your LP gains might decrease after a few duo games, even if you win them.

The Future of MMR

The future is Trueskill 2, and it's near. 

The new MMR system is a work in progress and is expected to be added to League of Legends in 2024. 

What is Trueskill2?

Trueskill 2 is a skill system that matches players with similar gameplay quality. Microsoft created it with Shooter games in a competitive game mode.

Comparing it to its past use, players can expect to get a matchmaking rating depending on these statistics:

Your K/D/A will drastically impact your rating. Your Wins/Losses will still affect the MMR. The number of objectives you have participated in will impact the damage you have dealt to structures and enemies throughout the game. Your past experiences and former games will help the system adjust you to an appropriate MMR; therefore, the game amount will also count.

With Trueskill 2 added to the game, players can expect better LP gains than the current system. The in-game environment is also likely to be more competitive because your KDA, objective participation, and damage dealt with will be the leading points for your matchmaking rating.


Long story short, it's clear the current MMR system needed a revamp.

Even with the adjustments made at the beginning of 2024, many players still believe the MMR system in League of Legends needs fixing.

Will Trueskill be the saving grace? Who knows! One thing is for sure: we're excited about it. Stay tuned for future updates regarding Trueskill 2 as the release date of this new MMR system approaches.

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