How to Snowball in League of Legends
How to Snowball in League of Legends
By Charlene on Nov 6th, 2023, 02:06
How to Snowball in League of Legends

What Is Snowballing in League of Legends?

Snowballing in League of Legends means turning an early lead into an unstoppable lead that can ultimately win the game. 

If you're looking to climb the ranks of League of Legends and dominate, you've got to be good at snowballing. It's critical.

This guide will give you the lowdown on picking the right champions and items, how to roam to help out your team, the best ways to control minion waves, and the right time to take objectives.

We'll also get into expert tactics like invading the enemy's jungle and lane rotations to keep up the pressure and close out the game.

Gear up to learn how to snowball your early game victories into a massive win streak.

Champion Selection

Choosing the best champ for snowballing goes beyond your personal favourites. It's about finding one that can grab an early lead and transition it into a win.

Top Lane: Darius

A lane bully who can 1v2 and translate early kills into lane dominance and split-pushing power.

Jungle: Lee Sin

His early ganking prowess can set the pace of the game, feeding kills to his laners or securing them for himself.

Mid Lane: Talon

He offers strong roaming capabilities with his E, Assassin's Path, and can turn a single kill into multiple lane advantages.

ADC: Draven

He benefits immensely from early kills through his passive, enabling him to play more aggressively.

Support: Pyke

Unique in his ability to generate extra gold for his team with his R - Death from Below, turning successful skirmishes into significant leads.

Item Builds

When you've got a lead, you want to build items that will make you hit harder and move faster, such as Youmuu's Ghostblade, to keep the pressure going.

If you're ahead, consider items that can keep you there. Remember, the goal is to build in a way that lets you press your advantage without giving the enemy a chance to catch up.

How to Roam to Increase Your Lead

If you've got your enemy laner taken down, recalled back to base, or occupied with a big minion wave you just pushed in, it's time to look around the map.

Can you roam to another lane and help them get ahead, too? The key is timing.

Push your lane out so your minions crash into the enemy turret, and then make your move.

Look for lanes where your teammates are setting up a play or where the enemy is pushing without vision.

A good roam can double your team's advantage. It's not just about your lane; it's about the whole map.

Wave Manipulation

Wave manipulation can be your secret weapon. If you manage your minions right, you can make the enemy lose gold and experience without even being in lane.

It's about knowing when to freeze when to push, and when to let the wave crash into you. Freezing right outside your turret can make it dangerous for your enemy to farm. Pushing hard can get your minions under their turret, making them lose CS and giving you a chance to roam or get the vision in the river or jungle.

Call for Objectives Like Heralds and Dragons

Objectives like dragons and heralds aren't just bonuses; they can be game-changers. Did you get a lead in the bot lane? Call your jungler over for an early dragon. Top Lane just got a kill? Time to grab the herald for the early plates.

These objectives help your team get ahead with gold, experience, and buffs. Make the call, and make it confidently.

Invading Enemy Jungle

When you're ahead, you'll be able to increase your lead by going into the enemy jungle and taking their resources.

Stealing camps is just a start; you're showing the enemy jungler that nowhere is safe. But don't go in blind.

Ensure you have vision, know where the enemy team is, and have an escape plan. And remember, this isn't a solo mission. Bring your teammates, like your mid laner or support, to put the pressure on.

Map Rotation and Lane Swap

Once you've taken your first turret, the map opens up. It's time to switch lanes and take down more turrets.

If you're an ADC and you've taken down the bot turret, go top and push the lane. Top laner who's knocked down their tower? Move mid and help push that lane. This way, you're putting the enemy on the back foot, making them react to you instead of the other way around.


Snowballing is about building momentum and never letting up. Use your lead to keep the enemy team down, and don't give them a second to breathe.

Control the map, take their jungle, push every lane, and keep calling for objectives. Most of all, play with confidence and avoid big mistakes.

You've built a lead; now use it to end the game. And remember, if things don't go as planned, every game is a chance to learn. See where things went off-track and adjust for next time. That's how you get better—that's how you climb.

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