How to Play Reyna in Valorant Like a Pro
How to Play Reyna in Valorant Like a Pro
By Charlene on Jan 22nd, 2024, 02:54
How to Play Reyna in Valorant Like a Pro

Intro to Valorant Reyna Guide

If you're reading this Valorant guide for Reyna, you're likely aware of the buzz around her. Reyna is one of the most frequently picked Valorant agents in the game, known for her high-risk, high-reward gameplay.

In this in-depth guide, we'll delve deep into the best tips and tricks for playing Reyna, bound to transform you from a casual or new player into a great one.

Understanding Reyna's Abilities

Passive - Soul Harvest. Enemies die within 3 seconds of taking damage from Reyna or enemies killed by Reyna leave behind Soul Orbs that last 3 seconds.

C - Leer. EQUIP an ethereal, destructible eye. ACTIVATE to cast the eye a short distance forward. The eye will Nearsight all enemies who look at it. This is considered Reyna's signature ability.

Q - Devour. INSTANTLY consume a nearby soul orb, allowing Reyna to heal rapidly for a short duration. Health gained through this skill exceeding 100 will decay over time. If Empress is active, this skill will automatically cast and not consume the Soul Orb.

E - Dismiss. INSTANTLY consume a nearby Soul Orb, becoming Intangible for a short duration. If Empress is active, also become Invisible. Devour and Dismiss are twin abilities that depend on soul orbs dropped by fallen enemies.

X - Empress. INSTANTLY enter a frenzy, gaining a Combat Stim that increases fire rate, equip and reload speed dramatically. It grants infinite charges of Soul Harvest abilities. When an enemy dies to Reyna or dies within 3 seconds of taking damage from Reyna, the duration is renewed.

Reyna's Responsibilities and Advantages as a Duelist

Choosing Reyna in your Valorant lineup is a strategic one that can influence your team's performance. As a Duelist, Reyna has specific responsibilities and unique advantages that can turn the tide of a match. Let's look into why you should pick Reyna and what she brings to the table.

Why Pick Reyna

  1. Reyna is designed for aggressive play. Her abilities allow for decisive engagements and quick disengagements, making her ideal for initiating fights and scoring a kill.
  2. Unlike other Duelists, Reyna has a unique self-sustainability using Devour. This ability not only heals her but also allows her to stay in the fight longer, especially after securing a kill.
  3. Reyna shines in clutch situations. With her Empress ability, she can single-handedly turn a losing round into a win, especially when she's the last player standing.

Responsibilities of Reyna in a Team

Entry Fragging: As a Duelist, Reyna is often expected to be the first to enter hostile territory. Her role involves creating openings for the team by securing initial kills or forcing the enemy team to reposition.

Applying Pressure: Reyna's presence on the map applies pressure to the enemy team. Her ability to aggressively take space and get a kill forces opponents to play more cautiously.

Creating Space: With her Leer, Reyna can blind enemies and create space for her team to move or secure objectives. This ability is crucial in breaking enemy defenses and aiding team pushes.

Advantages of Playing Reyna

  1. Reyna offers flexibility. She can adapt her playstyle based on the team's needs, switching between aggressive entry fragging and playing a more supportive role with her blinds.
  2. Reyna has a high ceiling for kill impact. Skilled Reyna players can dominate the scoreboard, making her a threat in every round.
  3. A proficient Reyna player can be intimidating to face, often causing enemies to second-guess their strategies or avoid confrontations.
  4. In solo queue environments, Reyna's self-sufficiency makes her a strong pick. She doesn't rely heavily on team coordination to be effective, making her ideal for players who prefer independent play.

Reyna Tips for Maximizing Her Impact

Understand when to push and when to hold back. Reyna's play should be aggressive but calculated. Make sure your team is aware of your plays, especially when using Leer or attempting to secure an area. Be prepared to change your approach based on how the match is progressing. Sometimes, playing unpredictably can give you an edge.

How to Play Reyna in Valorant

Basic Tips and Tricks for Reyna

Reyna demands a playstyle that's as fluid as it is bold. Playing her isn't just about gunfights; it's about controlling the game. Her abilities allow for aggressive pushes, but they also require a keen sense of timing. Knowing when to push and when to fall back is crucial.

For instance, using Leer to blind enemies can create opportunities for your team to advance. However, over-aggressiveness can be punished, especially if you're not in sync with your team. This can be combated by balancing aggression with smart, calculating playmaking. Remember to anticipate enemy movements, use Dismiss to reposition strategically, and choose good fights.

Advanced Reyna Tips

For the experienced Reyna player, some advanced techniques and combos can be devastating for the enemy team. One such technique involves chaining Dismiss and Devour for sustained presence in fights. Use a kill to activate Devour for healing, then immediately transition into Dismiss for repositioning or evasion.

Another advanced move is using Leer in unexpected ways, such as throwing it through walls or at high angles, to disorient enemies. Combining these with precise gunplay can make you a formidable opponent. Remember, the best Reyna players are those who can adapt their tactics on the fly, responding to the unique challenges of each match.

Equipment and Weaponry Choices

Your choice of equipment and weapon choices can influence your effectiveness as Reyna. While she excels with rifles like the Vandal or Phantom, don't overlook the power of pistols in early rounds. In eco rounds, weapons like the Sheriff can be particularly potent in her hands, given her ability to secure kills and then heal.

Your economy decisions in Valorant should align with your playstyle and the team's strategy. Investing in a full buy during crucial rounds can turn the game in your favor, especially when you're playing a character that can single-handedly change the outcome of a round.

Positioning and Map Awareness

Positioning is paramount when playing Reyna. With her abilities, you can take unconventional angles and positions to catch enemies off guard. The key is to be unpredictable yet strategic.

Map awareness goes hand in hand with positioning. Keep track of enemy movements and callouts from teammates, and use this information to position yourself where you can be most effective.

Whether it's holding a tight angle with a rifle or lurking close to entry points for quick picks, your position can make all the difference. And remember, with Dismiss, you have the unique ability to reposition quickly after a pick, so use it to your advantage.

Best Maps for Playing Reyna and Strategies for Each

When it comes to playing Reyna, not all maps in Valorant are created equal. Players can utilize her abilities better in certain maps, gaining a strategic edge. In this section, we'll explore the best maps for Reyna and provide detailed tips and tricks for each.


Bind's layout, with its narrow corridors and teleporters, suits Reyna's aggressive playstyle. Her Leer can effectively blind enemies in tight spaces, while Dismiss offers quick escapes or repositioning, especially around teleporter exits.

Tips and Tricks:

Use Leer aggressively when taking site control, especially in areas like Hookah or Showers. The confined spaces increase the chances of enemies being blinded.

The teleporters can be a game-changer. After securing a kill, use Dismiss to quickly teleport and confuse enemies about your location.

During post-plant situations, position yourself in unexpected spots where you can get a pick and then reposition with Dismiss to waste the enemy's time.


Ascent’s open mid-area and sites provide Reyna with ample opportunities for long-range engagements where her abilities can be maximized for picks and quick getaways.

Tips and Tricks:

Mid control is crucial in Ascent. Use Leer to blind enemies in Mid Market or Catwalk, then peek for kills.

Reyna can excel in defending B Site by playing around the Boathouse. After a pick, use Dismiss to reposition behind different cover, keeping the enemy guessing.

When attacking, surprise defenders by using Leer through the B Main wall or A Main door, followed by a swift entry to secure kills.


Haven's three sites provide multiple angles for attack and defense. Reyna can exploit this with her Leer, especially in areas with multiple entry points.

Tips and Tricks:

Use Reyna's Leer to assist in taking control of C or A site. The multiple entrances mean enemies are often spread thin, making it easier to isolate and pick them off.

On defense, play close to entrances like Garage or A Short. After an initial kill, use Dismiss to reposition to another angle, keeping attackers on their toes.

Reyna can be particularly effective in retake scenarios on Haven. Use her abilities to clear corners and gain information without committing to a full push.

Strategies for Other Maps

While Reyna can be effective on all maps, these strategies for Bind, Ascent, and Haven highlight how her abilities can be maximized. On other maps, the key is to adapt her playstyle to the map's unique features. Always consider how Reyna's abilities can be used to control space, gather information, and secure kills. Remember, the best Reyna players are those who can adapt and make the most out of every map's layout.

Team Dynamics and Communication

Reyna may be a Duelist, but she's not a lone wolf. Effective communication with your team can elevate your gameplay significantly. Call out when you're using Leer so your teammates can capitalize on the blind, or coordinate your pushes when you activate Empress.

Be vocal about your intentions and listen to your team's feedback. A well-timed push with Reyna can turn a round in your favor, but it requires teamwork. Don't underestimate the power of playing off your teammates' strengths and compensating for their weaknesses.

Common Reyna Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  1. Even the best Reyna players can fall prey to common mistakes. One such error is over-reliance on her abilities at the expense of gunplay. Reyna's abilities enhance her fighting skills, but they don't replace solid shooting fundamentals.
  2. Another common mistake is using Dismiss impulsively, leading to unfavourable positions or even death. Use Dismiss judiciously, and always have an escape route in mind.
  3. Lastly, avoid being predictable with Leer; varying its placement can keep enemies guessing and give you the upper hand.

Practice and Improvement

Improving as Reyna requires dedicated practice, professional Valorant coaching, and self-analysis. Spend time in custom games practising your aim and ability usage.

Analyze your gameplay, identify areas for improvement, and set specific goals to work on. Practice scenarios like post-plant situations, retakes, and 1vX scenarios to enhance your decision-making under pressure.

Remember, improvement is a continuous journey, and even small gains can lead to significant improvements over time.


Mastering Reyna in Valorant requires understanding her abilities, adapting your playstyle, and constantly refining your skills.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, Reyna is a perfect choice to grow and dominate in the game. The key to success for Valorant players lies in balancing aggression with strategy, and always being one step ahead of your opponents.

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