How to Create a League of Legends PBE Account
How to Create a League of Legends PBE Account
By Roger on Apr 26th, 2024, 06:59
How to Create a League of Legends PBE Account

Anyone Can Get Access to PBE Now!

Ever wanted to be among the first to explore the exclusive Public Beta Environment (PBE) and test all the exciting new features before they go live?

Well, now you can! Riot has opened the gates, allowing almost anyone to sign up and get started. 

In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process, including the advantages and disadvantages of owning one! 

What You'll Need To Create a PBE Account

There are no requirements for creating a PBE account other than approximately 12GB of free hard drive space for the game install. 

How to Create a PBE Account for League of Legends

It's easy to sign up!
It's easy to sign up!
  1. Navigate to the PBE sign-up page on Riot's website.
  2. Follow the instructions provided to create your PBE account. You'll need to log in with your existing League of Legends account.
  3. Install the PBE client. Keep in mind that the PBE client is a separate application from the regular League of Legends client.
  4. Log in to the PBE client using your newly created account and start playing. Remember that the PBE is for testing purposes, so expect a slightly different experience from the live servers.

Advantages of Having a PBE Account

  • Access to new champions, skins, and other content before they are released on live servers. This allows you to learn and adapt to the changes before most other players.
  • Opportunity to provide feedback directly to the developers. Your input can help shape the future of the game and ensure that new content is balanced and enjoyable.
  • Better preparation for ranked games once the changes go live. By familiarizing yourself with the updates in advance, you'll have a competitive edge when the content hits the live servers.

Disadvantages of the PBE

TLDR: Possibly lag, lots of lag!
TLDR: Possibly lag, lots of lag!
  • PBE servers are located in Chicago, which may result in high ping for players from other regions, such as Europe or Oceania.
  • High ping can make playing usually and accurately testing the new content challenging.
  • As the PBE is a testing environment, you may encounter bugs, glitches, and unfinished features. While this is part of the testing process, it can sometimes lead to a frustrating experience.
  • Updates on the PBE are frequent and can be substantial, requiring you to download large patches regularly.

Despite the potential drawbacks, having a PBE account can be a valuable asset for League of Legends players who want to stay ahead of the competition.

By familiarizing yourself with the latest updates before they hit live servers, you'll be better equipped to climb the ranked ladder and dominate your opponents.

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