CS2 Rank Distribution and Comparison to CSGO
CS2 Rank Distribution and Comparison to CSGO
By Roger on Apr 12th, 2024, 05:58
CS2 Rank Distribution and Comparison to CSGO

Following the big Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) update, many players have encountered challenges with the CS2 Rank System, such as the new premier mode, ambiguous profile ranks, and placement matches.

This has led to confusion about how and where to obtain a rank or rating.

As enthusiasts of one of the most iconic competitive online games, we understand the frustration and eagerness to dive into the action!

This article will help you understand the premier rating/rank, reveal the most up-to-date percentage of players in each rank worldwide, explain how the ranking system works, and offer strategies to improve your rating quickly.

CS2 Rank Distribution 2024

CS2 Rank Distribution Data

Below is the data of the above graph. 

  • 1k 0.20%
  • 2k 0.60%
  • 3k 1.70%
  • 4k 3.30%
  • 5k 3.20%
  • 6k 3.60%
  • 7k 4.60%
  • 8k 5.70%
  • 9k 8.50%
  • 10k 7.20%
  • 11k 7.80%
  • 12k 8.30%
  • 13k 8.20%
  • 14k 9.50%
  • 15k 6.40%
  • 16k 5.70%
  • 17k 4.80%
  • 18k 3.70%
  • 19k 3.10%
  • 20k 1.60%
  • 21k 1.00%
  • 22k 0.60%
  • 23k 0.30%
  • 24k 0.20%
  • 25k+ 0.10%

Why CS2 Has a New Matchmaking System

In CS2, the premier rating system plays a crucial role in assessing and categorizing players' abilities within the game. Valve has designed this system to offer a balanced view of a player's capabilities.

Winning matches and enhancing your gameplay will boost your rating, enabling you to monitor your development and ensuring you are matched with opponents of comparable skill.

For those familiar with platforms like FACEIT, the transition to CS2's rating system will feel familiar. It offers an in-depth analysis of your gaming prowess similar to that of the best competitive platforms.

As is common in competitive gaming, with games like League of Legends, you must complete and win 10 placement matches to receive your initial rating. These crucial matches allow the system to assess your skill level accurately and assign a starting rating that reflects your abilities.

CS2 Ranks and Rating System

Meet Premier, a new rating system in CS2 that follows the essence of Dota 2 matchmaking. Premier uses an Elo-based approach known as the CS Rating.

This features seven distinct tiers, each represented by its colour and a specific rating range.

  • 0 to 4,999 Gray
  • 5,000 to 9,000 Light Blue/Cyan
  • 10,000 to 14,999 Blue
  • 15,000 to 19,999 Purple
  • 20,000 to 24,999 Pink
  • 25,000 to 29,999 Red
  • 30,000 and above Gold

CS2 Premier Ratings Compared to CS:GO Ranks

A short while after the new game's release, comparing CS2 ranks to CS:GO has emerged as a key concern among players.

Why? Well, there's a natural curiosity to understand how one's skills translate into the new environment.

We have an overview of the CS2 Premier ranks and their approximate positions within the hierarchy:

  • 1,000 to 2,800 Silver I
  • 2,800 to 3,800 Silver II
  • 3,800 to 4,200 Silver III
  • 4,200 to 4,700 Silver IV
  • 4,700 to 4,999 Silver Elite
  • 4,999 to 5,600 Silver Elite Master
  • 5,600 to 6,500 Gold Nova I
  • 6,500 to 7,400 Gold Nova II
  • 7,400 to 8,400 Gold Nova III
  • 8,400 to 9,400 Gold Nova Master
  • 9,400 to 10,000 Master Guardian I
  • 10,000 to 10,900 Master Guardian II
  • 10,900 to 12,000 Master Guardian Elite
  • 12,000 to 13,100 Distinguished Master Guardian
  • 13,100 to 14,200 Legendary Eagle
  • 14,200 to 15,500 Legendary Eagle Master
  • 15,500 to 18,000 Supreme Master First Class
  • 18,000 to 30,000+ Global Elite

Current Estimated Rank Comparision Between CS2 and CSGO

CS:GO Rank CS2 Rating Playerbase %

  • S1-SEM 1,000-4,999 ~6%
  • GN1-GNM 5,000-9,499 ~22%
  • MG1-MGE 9,500-12,999 ~28%
  • DMG-LEM 13,000-16,999 ~29%
  • Supreme 17,000-19,499 ~9%
  • Global 19,500+ ~6%

Exploring the Elite 20k+ Club in CS2 Ratings

A mere 0.32% of players boast a CS Rating surpassing 20k, marking this achievement as one of the rarest within the game. It is associated with the top three distinguished badge colours.

Breaking down this exclusive 0.32% further:

  • 0.31% of players find themselves within the 20,000 to 24,999 CS Rating range.
  • A slimmer 0.013% advance into the 25,000 to 29,999 bracket.
  • An exceptionally rare 0.00092% reach the heights of 30,000 to 34,999 in CS Rating.
  • The highest CS Rating recorded in a game we've analyzed stands at 33,224, which may be updated by now.

How to Earn Your Rank in CS2

Securing a premier rating in CS 2 necessitates winning 10 matches. Achieving a perfect score of 10 wins can potentially land you a rating between 21,000 and 22,000. The golden rule for a high initial rating is avoiding losses during your first 5 matches.

To unlock the competitive mode, you need to reach private rank 2. Deathmatch mode comes highly recommended for this purpose. Aim for the highest kill count possible; typically, 3 to 4 matches should be enough to reach the required level. This achievement grants you access to both Competitive and Wingman modes.

Remember, the first 4 placement matches are essential as they significantly influence your starting skill group, so approaching them with the utmost seriousness is crucial.

CS2 Ratings Are Map Specific

In a big move, CS2 has introduced map-specific ranks within its competitive mode, turning what was once a playful nickname—"Vertiglobals" for players excelling on Vertigo—into a tangible reality.

Upon venturing into each map, players start without a rank. The challenge is to secure 10 victories on that particular map to earn your rank. Considering the game currently features 8 maps, achieving your CS2 ranks requires a considerable amount of playtime.

The new ranking system in CS2 maintains the original 18 ranks from CS:GO. This continuity ensures that veterans have a frame of reference while adapting to the innovative demands of achieving proficiency across different terrains.

CS2 Ratings vs. FACEIT

For those seeking an alternative to the Premier experience in CS2, FACEIT emerges as a great option. This third-party platform connects you with some of the best CS2 players globally.

Notably, FACEIT incorporates a robust anti-cheat system, a feature not present in CS2 Premier, offering a cleaner, cheat-free gaming environment. The platform is recognized for its higher skill threshold, attracting professional players for most of their matches.

While the Premier ranking system in CS2 was designed to rival FACEIT, it has yet to fully capture the top-tier player base. FACEIT organizes ranks into a ten-level hierarchy, starting all players at Level 3. Progression through these ranks is straightforward: gain ELO points for wins and lose them for defeats.

Here are the 10 FACEIT CS2 ranks along with the ELO points needed to attain each:

  • 100 to 500 Level 1
  • 501 to 750 Level 2
  • 751 to 900 Level 3
  • 901 to 1,050 Level 4
  • 1,051 to 1,200 Level 5
  • 1,201 to 1,350 Level 6
  • 1,351 to 1,530 Level 7
  • 1,531 to 1,750 Level 8
  • 1,751 to 2,000 Level 9
  • 2,000+ Level 10

At the pinnacle of CS2 on FACEIT, the pros dominate Level 10, with many amassing ELO scores well over 2,000! This path is tailored for the most determined CS2 competitors. Beginners might find FACEIT challenging, but it presents a rewarding journey for those committed to mastering CS2.

9 Tips and Tricks for Ranking Up in CS2

Unlike its predecessor, CS:GO, CS2's rating system demands a different approach to ranking up. To help players navigate this new landscape, we have prepared nine detailed tips to increase your CS2 rank easily!

1. Understand the Rating Mechanics

First and foremost, grasp how the CS2 rating system works. Unlike the clear-cut ranks in CS:GO, CS2 utilizes a more complex rating system that evaluates not just wins and losses but also individual performance, teamwork, and in-game decisions. Familiarize yourself with what metrics affect your rating the most, such as kill-to-death ratio (K/D), objective plays, support roles, and overall impact on the match's outcome.

2. Focus on Consistent Performance

Consistency is key in CS2. Since the rating system continually assesses your performance, maintaining a high level of play across all matches is crucial. Work on reducing variability in your game by practising regularly, focusing on your weakest areas, and maintaining a steady performance level, even in challenging situations.

3. Develop Game Sense and Map Knowledge

Deepen your understanding of game mechanics and map layouts. Knowing the details of each map, including common choke points, plant strategies, and rotation timings, can give you a significant advantage. A well-developed game sense allows you to anticipate enemy moves, make informed decisions, and adapt to the unfolding match dynamics.

4. Utalize Expert CS2 Coaching

Engaging with professional CS2 coaching services like WeCoach can be a game-changer for rapidly ascending the CS2 ranks! These experts can provide personalized training sessions, strategic insights, and performance analyses that cater to your needs.

By harnessing the power of CS2 coaching on WeCoach, players can unlock a wealth of knowledge and techniques that might take months to discover independently.

Whether fine-tuning your aim, mastering map-specific strategies, or improving your team play, tailored guidance can ensure you're equipped to climb the competitive ladder more efficiently and effectively.

5. Improve Communication Skills

Effective communication with your team can drastically improve your chances of ranking up. Clear, concise call-outs, timely information sharing, and strategic discussions are vital. To help this, you can curate a positive team environment, as morale can significantly impact team performance. Remember, CS2's rating system likely accounts for teamwork and cooperation, making communication skills as crucial as individual prowess.

6. Prioritize Skill Development

Invest time in honing your individual skills, including aiming, recoil control, and movement. Utilize training maps, aim trainers, and other resources to refine your mechanics. Diversify your skill set by becoming proficient with various weapons and understanding when and how to use them effectively in different scenarios.

7. Analyze Your Matches

Take advantage of CS2's detailed performance feedback by reviewing your past matches. Identify patterns in your play that could be improved, whether it's positioning, decision-making, or risk assessment. Learning from mistakes and successes alike is a powerful tool for personal improvement.

8. Stay Informed

The meta in CS2 will evolve with patches, with changes to maps, weapons, and possibly even the rating system itself. Keeping up-to-date with these changes and adapting your playstyle accordingly is essential for maintaining and improving your rank. Follow community discussions, professional matches, and official updates to stay informed.

9. Have a Positive Mindset

Finally, maintain a positive mindset. Like in any esports game, the journey to higher ranks in CS2 is filled with ups and downs. Celebrate your victories, learn from your losses, and focus on long-term improvement. Avoid tilting and negative interactions with teammates, as these can impact your performance and enjoyment of the game.

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