5 Tools Every League of Legends Coach Should Use
5 Tools Every League of Legends Coach Should Use
By Charlene on Aug 18th, 2023, 02:43
5 Tools Every League of Legends Coach Should Use


In the intricate world of League of Legends coaching, tools are not just additions; they're essential catalysts that streamline the teaching process.

When I first started coaching, I relied purely on verbal feedback. However, over time, as the gaming world evolved, so did the tools that equipped coaches like me. The difference? Night and day. These tools enhanced my sessions and transformed my players' learning curve.

So, what are the best tools for League of Legends coaches? 

Epic Pen: Drawing Strategies Directly on Screen

Epic Pen was a revelation: no more vague instructions or abstract calls. With the ability to draw directly on the screen, you can pinpoint exact locations, explain wave management easily, and highlight objectives. It's unique in its simplicity yet profound in its impact. If you're a coach not utilizing this tool, you're arguably teaching with one hand tied behind your back. For those just starting, remember to use different colors to differentiate between each point. It's a small detail that can make your instructions crystal clear.

Discord: Streamlined Communication and Collaboration

Any LoL player would nod at the mention of Discord. It has intertwined itself deeply within the gaming community. However, as a coach, Discord's significance lies beyond voice chats. It becomes a hub for coaching with dedicated channels for strategy, feedback, and video reviews. Tip for new coaches: Set up Discord bots to help schedule sessions or provide instant game stats.

Mobalytics: In-depth Player Performance Analytics

Data is king, and Mobalytics is its kingdom. This tool provides coaches with a goldmine of information on player performance. The Gamer Performance Index (GPI) can assess a player's strengths and pinpoint areas of improvement with a good level of precision. It's not just about knowing that a player is doing wrong; it's about understanding why and when. By integrating this analytical approach, you offer players advice and an excellent roadmap to mastery.

Medal.tv: Reviewing and Analyzing Gameplay

Visual learners, rejoice. Medal.Tv offers the ability to replay specific in-game moments, making feedback sessions more tangible. It's one thing to explain a mistake, and another to show it, break it down and offer real-time corrections. As coaches, our role is to ensure clarity; this tool magnifies that clarity massively. 

OBS Studio: Recording and Streaming Sessions

With OBS Studio, coaches can record sessions, allowing players to revisit feedback at their own pace. Moreover, streaming these sessions (with player consent) can be a goldmine for other players looking to learn. It showcases a live example of the coaching process, making it both instructional and promotional for a coach's methodology.


In the digital age, the tools we utilize in League of Legends coaching are as pivotal as our knowledge of the game. These game-changers have elevated coaching sessions, offering players a more comprehensive, detailed, and insightful learning experience. 

Coaches, what other tools have you found invaluable in your journey? Please share your insights, and let's continue to elevate the art of LoL coaching.

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