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I'm Geoff, a Professional VALORANT IGL turned Coach. I have played officials at a T2 level in EU, but my teams also regularly practiced the T1 teams on a daily basis such as; FPX, Liquid, G2 Esports, Guild and more.

I have created, IGL, Captained and essentially coached two unsigned rosters to become signed teams for LDN UTD, and HEET organisations. I have experience coaching players from all skill levels, but mostly Tier 3/4 professionals and built them up to become T2 players. 

I don't only coach pros however! I have coached various ranks from Bronze all the way upto immortal and inbetween.

The main ways I work with customers are as follows;

We will determine your personal bespoke plan together, firstly by setting achievable goals, identifying your weaknesses and setting up a way to improve these.

The two core lesson styles I do are "General Improvement" which is where we would take a look at a VOD of your gameplay together, analyse it and discuss areas for improvement and this follows into the next lesson style.

When we have established weaknesses, and confirmed them during VOD Review sessions together I will suggest certain topics which I will teach you efficiently, usually with ingame demonstrations and extra study available. For example if we identify that you struggle with peeking for example, I will demonstrate various different methods, give my experienced opinion on tips and tricks, and then give you additional material after the session.

I am always professional, and prepared for our sessions! Look forward to meeting you and feel free to ask me any questions on Discord or join my Personal coaching discord!

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