Teamfight Tactics Coach
Rank: Challenger
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I am a TFT challenger player, since set 3 on various accounts. I have been consistently ranking in the top 25 on the leader-board on the EUNE server. Played various qualifiers and tournaments, mostly recently finishing top 65 in the GSC #2.

During our session we would discuss tips and tricks, how to get out of tricky situations, econ management, best item choices and why, advantageous positioning and understanding the game in general.

We will be reviewing your perspective on the current meta, your match history and previous vods, checking if there are any mistakes that can be corrected, areas where we can improve and different decision making.

I will be coaching you through your live game and we can also review previous games.

At the end of the session, we would discuss what changed in your previous game-play,reiterate the new strats and tips and how you can climb the ladder faster.